Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer Cautions Against Company Functions Contributing To DUI

It is nice to have a drink or two with your office mates after work. It is another way for you to unwind with your friends due to the stress you have to endure all day. There are times that the company will provide such gatherings and allow alcohol like team buildings, christmas party or a year end party, but what’s concerning is not about the party itself but what happens after that. When employees start to go home and guess what they consumed? That’s right! Alcohol! May it be martini, whisky, vodka, rhum, gin or just plain old beer, it doesn’t matter, that is still alcohol and it does not matter how much or how less you consumed, the moment that you intake alcohol you are no longer eligible to drive within that moment.

A Business Event Is Great Opportunity, Don't Squander It

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

Different states have their own corrective action when it comes to this kind of cases, but in Colorado, they have different kinds of punishment depending on the gravity of the issue. They can go as light as the 1st DUI Conviction and it will only take about 5 or 10 days up to 1 year jail time or they can go as far as the 4th DUI Conviction where it will be as heavy as 6 years imprisonment. Being under the influence of alcohol is not something to take lightly, this is a serious offense and does not only provide danger to you and your passengers, but to other cars that are travelling along with you.

Defense Lawyers against Company Functions

The Denver criminal defense lawyer is providing warnings to company functions that provide alcohol or allow alcohol that these events or gatherings are greatly contributing to DUI cases. It is due to these company functions that the authorities are always on the alert. They are giving warning to company functions that they should lessen or even prohibit the consumption of alcohol by their employees to prevent such incidents and possible accidents while driving their way home.

More Important Information

Jail time for Colorado DUI can undergo suspended sentences, this is the kind of situation where in judges can get to suspend the sentence that is in exchange for the completion of the DUI probation or the alcohol treatment. This is usually an option but it’s still a case to case basis decision. There is also what we call the DUI Probation Violation, this is when the DUIs end in conviction since probation is usually ordered as part of the sentence. If there will be any violation, the probation term will result in additional jail time and additional criminal charges as well.

Don’t drink and Drive

Over all, the important thing about this discussion is that, you have to make sure that you always do the right thing, if you know that you will be driving, then don’t consume any form of alcohol as it will alter your vision and decision making when you’re driving. Let’s make sure that we will be a good role model to others when it comes to driving so we can prevent any form of accidents on the road.

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