What To Do After Truck Accidents: 5 Must-Not-Do Things

Truck accidents are unfortunate. But what follows requires rigorous legal litigations. The victim needs a lawyer who understands the damage caused and represents the cause effectively in the court. 

While you will find numerous suggestions about what to do after a truck accident, people seldom suggest what not to do. The fact that the accident is legal litigation makes it even more complicated. Let us see what you should never do in the aftermath of a truck accident:

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1. Do not accept your fault:

While this may sound wrong on the moral ground, it has its technical explanation. Most of the insurance companies have a term in fine lines. They are not liable to pay for the losses if it was “your” fault. So, if you accept your fault, your insurance claim will be deemed void.

2. Delayed medical help:

No matter what sort of injury you seem to have, always seek medical help immediately. Insurance companies note this minute step. They often don’t entertain the request claim on the ground that the injury was minor because you did not call the medical team! 

So, always call the ambulance no matter what you feel. It is good even for you. Sometimes, there are internal injuries and the medical team will help you with that. They also will help you in calming down. Also, the insurance companies require documentation of the injuries that you sustained. The paramedics will help you with that.

3. Do not forget the details:

Accidents are a harrowing experience. People get in so much shock and panic that they forget the minute details of the accident. This is what costs them dearly. 

If it is a hit and run case, be prompt and try to note the maximum details of the truck like plate number, model, color, and other such details. If the lorry driver stops, talk about the insurance claims; take their contact number, name, and the truck company’s details.

4. Talk without your lawyer:

After the accident, do not talk to third parties without your trucking accident lawyers. It can give rise to several complications. The insurance companies are known for taking your statement out of context. 

You may say that you are sorry for the unfortunate turn of events and he/she may take it as your fault. So, always keep your lawyer by your side and talk only after his/her approval.

5. Not paying attention to evidence:

When you meet an accident, there is evidence about it. Never ignore any of them. Take photos and document them. If you have a dent or damage on your vehicle, take a photo of the accident scene. 

They serve as indisputable evidence with the insurance company. The same applies to your bodily injuries.

The Final Say

Accidents test the human mind’s stability. You need to keep yourself calm and take calculated steps. A missed or casual conversation can lead you to lose on your insurance claim. Be diligent and attentive.

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