Cryptocurrency – the Evolution of Digital Business Transactions

The gaming industry has been taken by a storm by cryptocurrency and in fact, bitcoin has augmented the possibility of cryptocurrency enthusiasts to overcome physical boundaries and become members of the global bitcoin community. This can be attributed to the fact that the business transactions in cryptocurrency do not mandate any middlemen with P2P transfers an actual reality. The bitcoin community has rather made several business advancements. For example, Mingle – a successful chat app that introduced Bitbuds. This chat app offers various features like a tab on the cryptocurrency prices and also other typical chat app features like chat rooms for individuals with interest in cryptocurrency.

History of Bitcoin

The history of Bitcoin, tells us that initially this digital asset or currency was known as Bitcoin-Qt. It has been reported that the founder’s name is Satoshi Nakamoto and there is extensive research and documentation which argue over the founder being a group or an individual. Year 2008 saw the first mention of this digital currency, in the Cryptography Mailing paper, specifically by Nakamoto. This was followed by the launch of the 1st units of Bitcoin through the first Bitcoin software in the year 2009. The first cryptocurrency – Bitcoin – is the first decentralized digital currency. The market also have other cryptocurrencies, however, Bitcoin demonstrates the largest cryptocurrency as regards the market value. With anonymous currency transactions this digital currency allows trail free transactions, which, in fact, has been focused upon expansively as the USP of Bitcoin. With the peer to peer network methodology the system allows anonymity for the individual who sent the payment and the individual who received the payment. The system is completely secure from any authority – a safety and anonymity translated on to the money transactions – as the system is run by the network contributors.

Everyone knows that any digital data can be replicated or copied. And as such, in accordance with this logic, the digital currency should be easy to copy and use more than once, thereby raising the counterfeit oriented issues. However, by placing all the transactions on a public list Satoshi addressed the contention. This results in default public listing of every new dealing, thus preventing the spending of same bitcoin again – with the resultant duplicity check. You may wonder, if it is made public, then how is the anonymity of the transaction maintained? Only the transaction ID of the cryptocurrency transaction is visible in the public listings with the transacted currency. Thus, any and all personal details like name, address, e-mail and phone number are prevented from the public visibility.

This cryptocurrency is maintained in digital wallets typically, or through websites that manage and secure digital currency wallets which are limitless in terms of number of wallets or alternatively your bitcoin address. The Bitcoins can be built up or accumulated in three ways: Business transaction involving exchange of service with Bitcoin, or, purchase of Bitcoin, or minting or mining of Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency has seen rapid incline as well as decline in prices, however, their popularity in online casino games like Roulette, Baccarat cannot be contested. The online gaming scenario has been rapidly captured by Bitcoin and in fact the mobile enabled apps evidence the constantly increasing popularity of this growth.

In fact, it was observed that traditionally, online gaming was significantly impacted due to issues concerning currency conversion. This barrier though has been addressed with the advent of cryptocurrency. Specifically, in addition to an administration fee, it has been seen that several banks charge an interest fee for the process of currency conversion – a process made much easier and convenient through the use of Bitcoin in online gaming.

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