Don’t Know About SEO? You Should-E-O!

SEO (Search engine optimization) has for many years now been an effective way for companies to effectively market themselves with subtlety and relevance to a growing online audience. It’s important that SEO continues to develop the way it has been doing since awareness grew that search engines were using specific parameters to automatically rank the search results it presents to an internet user.

This is primarily because as a method of marketing, SEO is largely one of the best, for the following reasons:

SEO needs no intrusive method of presenting its affiliate marketing links to its customers. Embedded in useful articles or web pages, SEO marketing allows the content only to be seen by those who are directly searching to learn or procure something relevant to that which is marketed.

Social media advertising is often touted as the most subtle means of directly reaching your audience, but even then, advertisements are bluntly displayed on a user’s timeline, to the point where evading them becomes common sense. SEO manages to embed the affiliate marketing links as a handy method of recommendation, a deferral to a page where the user can learn more about a topic, or some other indirect method of procuring their business.

It is stealthy, but it doesn’t back up that stealth with a hidden bite. It is as plain and clear to see as it is subtle to introduce itself. It manages to both respect the users time, while respectfully requesting more. Embedded within a useful article, it already contributes something to the users day before it suggests anything remotely in the category of a business deal. At its most ethical, it provides the reader with a sense of tuition, of learning, of solving a user query.

Google, the most popular search engine by far, is aware of this process. Luckily, they understand that it is to be appreciated. However, to streamline their platform, as most companies worth their salt do, Google often makes subtle changes to the way their ranking architectural algorithms work. This has culminated in the aptly named ‘Google Fred update.’

This changes a few methods of working SEO correctly. Unfortunately, as with anything, learning of SEO has led to many websites making absolutely no effort to execute it tactfully, in an effort to gain maximum online exposure without doing the diligent work necessary to ensure this makes the internet a better place to be.

SEO functioning at its peak efficiency will bring more to the internet than it takes, and will act as a form of business/information categorizing system. Those learning about fields of interest will be directed to pages to invest in that interest, and sometimes, vice-versa. The websites that fail to do this often operate with using keyword-rich, relevancy-low articles that sound good on the surface, but have no actual depth. Google’s new algorithms will detect this, and punish article ranking as a result.

Also, Google is now undertaking a staunch approach towards websites that only use SEO forms of marketing, without bringing an extra layer of interest to the website. It’s clear that these websites only serve to extend the reach of an affiliate marketing strategy, and so it’s best if you make your website a functioning, interesting place to be, AND THEN apply SEO, as opposed to hoping SEO marketing will do that for you in the first place.


Keeping on top of these tips will help you maximise your SEO experience. If you haven’t considered it yet but own an original website, you probably should. It could be the most ethical marketing faculty you use.

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