Facing a DUI Charge in Illinois: Things You Should and Shouldn’t Do

If a police officer stops you for a DUI arrest, you have to think before you talk or the encounter could take a turn for the worse. DUI charges are never taken lightly by law enforcement. If they suspect that a driver is under the influence, they will not risk a potential threat to public safety. Instead, they will take action, which may leave the driver in a predicament, especially if the driver is not at fault.

If you find yourself facing a DUI charge in Illinois, you should handle the situation with practical and emotional intelligence to achieve the best outcome.

Be polite with law enforcement

Whether you are under the influence of alcohol or not, you should always maintain a level of professionalism and politeness when addressing law enforcement. Never argue with a police officer who has stopped you for a DUI. Engaging in an argument will only exacerbate the situation, giving the officer more cause to arrest you. By disagreeing with an officer, you can be viewed as a threat. Even if you would like to politely disagree, you should refrain from presenting any kind of confrontation. Keep it classy, polite and cordial under all circumstances.

Do not refuse a breathalyzer

Many people are scared to take a breathalyzer because they believe it will only implicate them. If you are scared that its results will be held against you, don’t worry. Experienced attorneys know different ways to refute the results in order to defend your case. If you refuse a breathalyzer, the state can revoke your driver’s license. If they do revoke your license, but you are found innocent of drunk driving, they are still under no obligation to return your license. In many cases, you would have to go to another court process after the DUI case is settled to retrieve your license. To avoid this headache, it is best to undergo the breathalyzer upon request. However, if the police ask you for a warrantless blood test, feel free to deny it until your lawyer advises you regarding what to do.

Do not bribe or joke during a DUI

Getting out of a DUI is often portrayed on TV shows. However, they are seldom accurate depictions of what happens. For example, sometimes a main character bats her eyelashes and jokes with a police officer to avoid arrest. By doing this in real life, you may further upset the officer. Your attempt to get out of the DUI with flirtation may even be mentioned during your case. Trying to bribe a police officer is also a bad idea, especially since it is illegal to do so.

Control your emotions

Nothing is more annoying or frustrating than getting accused a crime that you did not commit. You may have the urge to scream, talk back or cry. However, no outburst of emotion will help you to avoid an arrest. Try your best to manage the situation by keeping a cool head. Stay calm and collected while dealing with the officer, even if that means communicating that you will cease all communication until a lawyer is present.

Do not talk about drinking

Even if you were not drinking while driving, you should not answer any regarding your alcohol consumption. For example, perhaps you had a drink hours before. Disclosing this information can be used against you. Alternatively, you may have had a drink recently, but it may not constitute as breaking the law as the amount may be under the alcohol limit. While you may feel compelled to divulge details to help your case, you may be doing the exact opposite by over communicating with the police by yourself.

Tell the truth during a DUI

When a police officer approaches you about a DUI, do your best to honest if you choose to answer any questions instead of waiting for a lawyer. Telling white lies to a police officer, including where you were coming from, where you were headed, etc. may seem harmless. However, any lie you say can be used as evidence, providing a bad impression of your character in court. Lying to a police officer can never work out in your benefit once an investigation is underway.

Stay silent and request a lawyer

While you may want to answer all of the officer’s questions, staying silent may work better for you. Instead of being too compliant with the officer, be quiet and ask for a lawyer. If you say the wrong thing to an officer out of nervousness, it may still appear in court. If you’ve been accused of a DUI in Naperville, Illinois, then you should be thoughtful about how you approach the situation because there may be serious consequences. Even if you are a first-time offender, you may face license suspension, fines, loss of work, increase in your insurance premiums, jail time, etc. If you are facing a DUI in Naperville, call an attorney. First, you receive a free consultation, and then, a Naperville DUI attorney explains what happens next. If you listen to your Miranda Rights that the officer is required to recite upon arrest, you will hear that you are legally entitled to silence as well as legal representation. Despite what an officer may tell you, nothing said will be off the record when it comes to your case. If you tell the officer that you will not answer questions without a lawyer, no more questions can be asked until there is a lawyer in the room with you during questioning.

Do not flee a DUI scene

If a police officer stops you, driving away in your car or running away on foot is not only a terrible idea, it is extremely dangerous. Even though law enforcement does not have the legal right to use force in this situation, your inability to cooperate may trigger them to act aggressively. Even if there is no violence used, you would still be in trouble with the law. It is illegal to resist arrest or evade the police when pulled over.

When you have a DUI, you will be released on bail, which will be set by the judge after weighing the details of your case. Ten percent of the bail must be paid in order to secure your release. If you fail to appear in court or violate a condition of the bond, then you are required to pay the full amount. Handling a DUI can be a stressful experience. However, if you follow what you’re supposed to do and stay away from what you’re not supposed to do, then you should be in good shape by the end of the ordeal.

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