Could Social Media Bots Help Grow Your Business?

By now, you must be aware that social media is vital as you grow your business. Though social media presence is a plus for any business, the effort and time needed to get it running may not be available in the short term- we all know how time-consuming running a social media campaign can be and this is where social media bots come in handy. Without human efforts, bots can schedule or create new posts for publishing. Because bots can be programmed to create posts on different social media platforms, they’re able to interact with fellow users effectively.

Virtual assistants and chatbots are the most common intelligent tools being used to respond to customer queries and easing consumer traffic. These social media bots could help grow your business in the ways outlined below:

1. Bots enhance customer experience

Chatbots help customers by giving them timely and efficient solutions; thus, increase customer satisfaction. Instead of a customer browsing for hours to get some information, a chatbot will ask relevant questions to establish their likes and come up with recommendations to suit the buyer’s needs. Happy customers are always indirect brand ambassadors, and this in the long run translates into business growth.

2. Bots are an essential market research tool

Bots are beneficial in gathering customer information. Your conversion rates can be improved by using the data collected by your chatbots to address the most critical concerns. The common issues can be written in a blog post, and a solution presented. Bots also monitor purchasing behavior and customer patterns. This way, they’re able to personalize each customer’s journey and give a broader picture of the ever-changing market trends.

3. Bots can grow with your business

Increased customer interaction leads to increased business growth. Essentially, this calls for the need to train and hire more people to handle your growing customers because of the need to resolve the rising number of inquiries. This will lead to communication traffic associated with long waiting times and customer dissatisfaction. Unlike humans who can only handle a query at a time, bots handle all of them at a go eliminating delays so as your business expands, the chatbot abilities also grow with your business.

Instagram bots, enable you to automate your tasks. For engaging with your followers, you’ll always have to like posts, follow accounts or leave comments which can be quite tedious, but the bots can keep this up 24/7 as you sit back and relax. According to this list on HTTP-COM, Instagram has grown to be one of the most popular social media platforms that have helped people streamline their marketing activities and make the most of their efforts.

4. Bots are available throughout

Though several companies boast of 24/7 customer support, some peak hours still find customers having to wait for long before an agent can be available to help them. Bots are available 24/7 and often work continuously without breaks unless the system is experiencing some downtime or scheduled maintenance.

5. Chatbots are inexpensive

Chatbot services only require a one time fixed rate, which is cheaper than developing a cross-platform application. Consequently, your company will save time and money because there won’t be a need for an app developer to make your bots.

Finally, it’s evident that the potential for bots in the future is quite promising and the business opportunities great. Social media businesses taking advantage of bots to enhance customer experiences are not only getting creative in increasing their return on investment but also adding value to their businesses.

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