Five Best Apps and Software for HR Professionals

The modern world of human resources has made room for computers, and HR professionals in startups are making the most of them. There are numerous applications and software developments that were crafted to help HR do what they do best: take care of a business’s most valuable asset.

While the technology will never replace the need for human resources management, it can help make the job more streamlined. Here are the five best apps and software options for HR professionals.


BambooHR is a platform that allows for streamlined employee scheduling and management. Their mission is to help HR professionals focus on people rather than progress, a common point of contention in traditional business settings.

Human resource software should serve two main functions: freeing up HR professionals’ time so they can focus on what matters and improving the employee experience. BambooHR can help initiate employee-led onboarding, time off work, and full employee records in a simple, easy to use manner.


iAppreciate is an app that can add humanity back into the workplace. With this app, HR professionals can create award presentations, and custom direct messages that highlight an employee’s achievements and show the company’s appreciation for their efforts.

A survey show that 35% of employees directly attribute a lack of appreciation to a lack of productivity. Sometimes, the simple act of saying thank you and letting an employee know that their hard work does not go unnoticed is all it takes to empower and motivate them.


No one enjoys the performance review process. It can feel stressful, and the trepidation leading up to the event can be a distraction. With Engagedly, employee engagement is the key to performance and successful reviews. Rather than an annual meeting, reviews are conducted in real time, with cascading goals, private feedback sharing, and clearly defined expectations.

Like iAppreciate, Engagedly also has a feature that allows you to recognize your employees’ achievements and acknowledge their successes. Rather than having annual goals out of sight and out of mind until review time comes along, this program ensures that the goals are always at the forefront of your employees’ minds.


WorkStyle is a great tool to have, especially during the recruitment process. You can find out your employees’ personalities and work styles (hence the name) using the highest quality psychometric tests available. For example, the Big Five, which has long been used as a way to highlight one’s strengths and find a way to incorporate those strengths into their everyday work goals.

WorkStyle can be used both as a recruitment screening tool and as a way to improve performance among existing employees. You can add questions that will build trust with your employees, and assign private profiles and logins to keep the information secure. What’s really neat about WorkStyle is the additional ability to monitor teams as a whole.

Jobvite Mobile Hiring Team

Recruitment is an arduous, time-consuming, and expensive process that some HR professionals live for while other HR professionals dread. Jobvite Mobile Hiring Team can help those who experience the latter feelings toward the process. With Jobvite, you can streamline candidate application screening and interview scheduling with the entire hiring team. You can share candidate profiles and feedback with other users to highlight potential top talent for your business.

Jobvite is an exceptional platform because of its positive impact on both the workload for recruiters, HR professionals, and hiring managers, as well as its fantastic user experience for candidates. By streamlining the recruitment process, you cut the cost of new hires.

While the tools listed above will never replace the human touch, they can make a business more efficient and cut costs by requiring fewer people to get the job done. Whether you have a major corporation, an innovative startup, or a small business, having these tools in place will make a significant difference.

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