Five Things to Know When Choosing Background Check Software

Background check software is a tool that lots of companies make use of to evaluate and vet potential candidates. In today’s world, it’s become more important than ever for companies to choose the right person for the job. Considering how easy it is to falsify details on a CV, background checks make it easier for companies to verify a candidate’s authenticity. These checks will determine whether the person has the right skills for the job and make sure that they don’t have a criminal record.

There are sites that can provide background check software or run a simple online check. Depending on the job role, a background check may look into employment, education, and credit history. It will usually also look for criminal cases against the person. Before you choose a background check software, you’ll need to know how it works, what it can tell you, and what it can’t. We’ve written this guide to give you more details and to help you choose the right background-checking tool.


How Does A Background Check Work?

 A background check works by looking through all the available data about a person online. This begins with social media accounts and brings up anything else, including news reports, personal websites, and more. The data is double-checked against the person’s full details to make sure it’s from the correct person. The background check will also look at the person’s criminal history, which isn’t readily available online. Finally, the background check will also analyze all the data to put together a complete report on the person. 


What Can A Background Check Reveal?

Background checks can reveal all manner of things about a person and their history. It will usually show the full education and employment history. This includes dates and duration of enrolment and employment at specific companies and schools. It will also show up the job title, study subject, and final grades of the person. This is highly useful in working out whether a candidate is truthful. It also establishes whether they have the necessary skills to work at the company. Most background checks will also turn up any record of criminal activity over the years, including arrests and charges. This can depend on the state you’re in, and in most cases, will show up to seven years of history. 


Before Running a Background Check

Before using background-checking software, it’s important to know as many details about the person as possible. The full name, where they live, and their contact information will help to bring up specific information about them. These details will also help narrow the search and avoid getting two different people with the same name mixed up. Most background-checking software will work well with little information about the person, but the more details the software has, the faster the results. You should also bear in mind that consent from the person is usually required for a potential employer to run a background check. You’ll usually need the person to sign a consent form that allows you to run the background check.


How to Choose the Best Background Checker

There are lots of great background-checking tools out there, many of which promise excellent and fast results. Knowing how to find the best software is always difficult, but there are a few things to look out for. First of all, make sure that the service you’re using offers a full search. Some background-checking tools will only perform a criminal record check or basic online lookup. It should also be able to safely store the data from the search and only allow people with permission to access it. Some data obtained from background checks can be sensitive, and it’s important for both the person and the company that this is secure.               


How Fast Can a Background Check be Completed?

Most standard checks are generally finished within 24 to 48 hours. However, this can vary a lot, depending on the level of information needed and other factors. If you require detailed credit and employment history, for example, this can make the process take longer than usual. It’s important to bear this in mind when choosing background checking software. 

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