Funding Your First Business Start-up

Times have certainly changed how people viewed a business start-up. Previously, people seemed hesitant to engage in putting up a business because of the risk. Nowadays, because not many big companies could accommodate the needs of the people, there’s an increase in the number of small businesses operating. Of course, the risk is still there, but people seem more ready to take the plunge because of the circumstances.

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur eager to begin your business escapade but you don’t have enough capital to start your business effectively, there are other ways to fund your dream enterprise. You don’t have to avail of loan sharks who’ll hold you up for usurious interest rates from unreputable establishments. On the other hand, you can consider taking business loans for bad credit from legitimate providers.

This article will provide enterprising individuals valuable insight into pursuing their dreams of building a business from scratch. So read on and find out which ones best fit your business model.

Funding Your First Business Start-up

Secure a bank loan or credit card loan

Finding a bank that will finance your business with little to no history might be tedious, but if you succeed in securing a line of credit, you’ll have an amount that will help you open your business. On the other hand, if you can’t get a bank loan, a credit card loan may be the next course of action as you can secure a payment arrangement that’s easy on your pocket.

Find a community financing institution

If you cannot find a bank that’s willing to finance your business start-up, don’t lose hope. There are financing institutions that cater to small to medium enterprises as well as microbusinesses. They offer acceptable interest rates and payment arrangements that will help a business get on its feet. Aspiring entrepreneurs have to be willing to answer questions about the viability of their venture.

Personal money

Entrepreneurs can also start their business with their own money, especially if they have their savings and are willing to take the risk. Though it may eat a large chunk of their stash, it’s going to infuse resources back to the economy, which the business will seek to revitalize, so it’s a significant investment either way.

Love money

The concept of love money isn’t new as it’s an investment that comes from your loved ones – your spouse, your parents, your relatives – with the caveat that the amount will be paid over time with little to no interest “as soon as the business begins picking up.” The challenge for the business person is to ensure that the infusion doesn’t go to waste, and they’ll get paid in full.

Open a social media crowdfunding initiative

For some businesses with an enticing product or service, this may be the best way to go, especially if they can generate enough organic social media buzz. Business persons can leverage the promise of their product to solicit pledges, donations, or outright investments with the promise of future delivery, immediate rewards or giveaways, or a partnership agreement.

Explore venture capitalists

While venture capitalists usually focus their efforts on technology start-ups, if you’ve got an enticing enough product or service that they can easily upscale, chances are they might be interested. It may appear a longshot, but venture capitalists don’t just provide the financing; they also have a wealth of knowledge and strategies that can help your business succeed faster.

Investment angels

If you’ve got a direct line to an investment angel who takes an interest in your business venture, your business will get off on the right foot. These individuals will provide the budget and provide mentorship and guidance to keep your business profitable.


Starting a business is a risk in itself, but if you’re engaged and dedicated to seeing things through, you’ll find a willing investor who’s willing to share the risk with you and see your plan into fruition. It takes guts and a lot of panache to take the plunge, but once you reap the rewards, it’ll be worth it.

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