Timothy Sykes – Is He A Scam?

If you are interested in learning how to trade penny stocks, you’ll most likely have come across Timothy Sykes. Tim is well-known for turning his $12,415 Bar Mitzvah money into a financial empire currently worth more than $15 million. When his parents gave him that money, they expected him to waste the funds, and they were hoping that the experience will teach him some lessons about financial prudence.

In an interesting plot twist, Tim took that money to the stock market – he first tried trading regular stocks, but he noticed that his account wasn’t moving either way. He then tried his hands at penny stocks, and he’s been trading successfully ever since. Now, Tim spends most of his time teaching other people how to trade penny stocks profitably. I was also initially skeptical about trusting Tim – for one, his lavish lifestyle as seen in his Instagram feed is simply jarring.

However, I started digging into the possibility of a Timothy Sykes scam allegation, but the more I dug, the more credible he became. I found out that Tim’s story has been featured in CNN, The New York Times, Forbes, Bloomberg, Inc, and Fox – if he wasn’t credible those journalists would have outed him. Tim has also been on Steve Harvey’s show to discuss his success and lifestyle and he’s had the honour of demystifying penny stocks on Larry King’s show.

Timothy Sykes – Scam or Legitimate, teaching style

Timothy Sykes believes that anybody can achieve success with penny stocks – he succeeded as a teenager – you don’t need a college degree or an MBA to trade stocks successfully. One of the key factors that eliminated my worries about the Timothy Sykes scam debate is that Tim’s trading strategy makes logical sense even from a layman’s point of view. If you pay attention to the trading fundamentals that Tim teaches and you are disciplined enough to apply technical analysis, you can trade penny stocks profitably.

Of course, you won’t win every trade – even the best traders in the world lose money on some trades. In my experience with Tim’s training, I observed that he is very transparent about both his trading gains and losses (see chart above). Hence, he affords students an opportunity to learn from his mistakes so that they can make smarter trading decisions.

Timothy Sykes – Scam or Legitimate, training programs

The internet is filled with many self-styled stock trading “pros” and “gurus” who seem more interested in selling you a $99.99 trading system than in helping you trade. Hence, stories about Tim Sykes’s success and how he is helping others achieve trading success tend to meet with a hint of disbelief. Timothy Sykes offers his penny stock training programs through three levels namely; Tim’s Alerts, Pennystocking Silver, Tim’s Challenge.

Tim’s Alerts

I started out with Tim’s Alert since it was the cheapest option at $74.95 per month. I figured I could afford to spend the cost of first month’s membership to test the waters and to confirm if Timothy Sykes is a scam or a legitimate penny stock trading coach. Tim’s Alert gets you started with a daily stock watchlist that contains up to 10 penny stocks that you should consider analysing and adding to your portfolio. The watchlist provided me with valuable direction and I spent less time trying to use parameters that I didn’t understand to screen for stocks to trade. You’ll also get access to the chatroom where you can follow conversations about trading individual penny stocks and ask questions in a community of helpful traders. After your first month, you can switch to the annual plan to take advantage of the 24% discount.

Pennystocking Silver

One month with Tim’s Alert was more than enough time for me to confirm that Timothy Sykes is the real deal. Hence, I decided to upgrade my membership to the Pennystocking Silver plan. Pennystocking Silver has access to all the features of Tim’s Alerts. However, a Pennystocking Silver membership will give you access to a 6000+ video lesson library. It’s practically impossible to watch all 6000+ videos and you’ll most likely need to search for videos to watch based on the information you need at different points of your trading journey. However, taking the time to watch a decent amount of the videos will equip you with the knowledge to make informed trading decisions. Your Pennystocking membership also gives you access to weekly video lessons in which Tim shares his thoughts on the market.

Tim’s Challenge

If you’ve had a Pennystocking Silver membership for a couple of months, you’ll most likely find yourself aching for a chance to join the highly-coveted Tim’s Challenge, also called Millionaire Challenge. If you have read this far and you don’t have further doubt about Tim Sykes’ legitimacy, I’ll suggest that you apply for Tim’s Challenge right away. You’ll be required to go through an interview process designed to gauge your commitment to be sure that you are deserving of a chance to get personal coaching from Tim. Tim’s Challenge students get a more personal training experience with Tim starting with a specially-curated 60-video intro course. You’ll also be added to the exclusive chatroom of Tim’s millionaire students. The best part is that you get to attend webinars where you’ll see Tim trading live. Tim’s Challenge gives you a more immersive experience and even though you’ll have lots of opportunities to copy Tim’s trades, you’ll find yourself increasingly becoming more confident in your own trading decisions.


Timothy Sykes has career trading profits in excess of $5 million and he has a long list of successful students. Many of his students are now full-time penny stock traders, some of them have attained the millionaire status, and some of them have even outperformed Tim’s career trading profit. Hence, signing up for penny stock trading education with Tim Sykes puts you in good company.

However, working with Timothy Sykes won’t automatically make you an overnight penny stock millionaire. You’ll still need to put in the hard work of reading, viewing, and understanding the knowledge being shared. You’ll need to put the knowledge to practice by placing trades, keeping a trading journal and analysing your trades. However, if are committed and disciplined, you’ll find a measurably significant improvement in the quality of your trading decisions and you’ll ultimately become a better trader.

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