Why Health And Safety Are The Three Most Important Words You’ll Hear Today

Yes, they may be words we dread but with regards to your business, you can never be too careful. If you’ve raised your business up from a little seed then you will do anything to protect it. Plus nobody ever wants to see their company go bust do they? Here’s some tips on how improved health and safety in your workplace can prolong business life.

Many companies these days have employed a health and safety officer to keep their business running smoothly and free from any obstacles. However, he will always need assistance in his duties. This is where you come in. He may need to order extra equipment to ensure the office and its surroundings are safer and more secure. For example, maybe your business has a warehouse in which all your products are held. To access this warehouse, it’s compulsory to wear specific workwear like hard hats and high visibility jackets so as to protect yourself from falling boxes or from the stacker cranes that are being driven about. All these can be purchased from any hardware store on your high street or turn on your computer, go online and visit selectequip.co.uk. So come on and loosen your purse strings a little.

health and safety in workplace importance

How many accidents are there each day in the workplace? Too many. However these numbers are dwindling and that’s because we have installed all of these safety precautions. You can never be too careful can you? Especially when you and your hardworking team are in danger. It’s now essential that your business conducts a risk assessment. Walk round your headquarters with your health and safety officer and note down anything that could cause you a problem. It is then up to you to discuss the solutions that you could enforce. A good idea is to keep an accident book in a safe place in which you can record any incidents that occur from then on in. This will help rectify problems for the foreseeable future. For the time being, think safety gloves for handling warm equipment and remember the procedure of how you should pick up boxes. Knees bent and arms out.

health and safety in workplace importance

Your health and safety officer should also organize monthly or bi monthly meetings for all your staff to remind them of all the procedures you have put in place. He may also want to set up a Powerpoint slideshow or even think about inviting an outside team along to enforce his point. You should also attend as it will do wonders for your team’s morale. Oversee these meetings and make sure your staff are taking valuable notes. Call anyone out who’s not. With these trainings, the buck of health and safety is being passed over to them. They should now know what to do and how to do it.

Health and safety is so important in modern day business that you need to do the above and beyond in order to preserve your company. Make sure you’re not being too laid back and naive. You’ve worked so hard in bringing your business to where it is now, so don’t be silly and let it slip from your grasp.

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