Health And Safety: The Business Killer

If you operate a business which is conducted in an area which could be harsh, then you need to put a huge emphasis on health and safety. If you don’t, and something happens, you could be facing serious consequences in the courts where your life as a businessman will quickly come to an end and your business destroyed. The bad publicity may be enough. You should always try to put the highest emphasis on all things health and safety. There are clear ways in which to do it, and this quick guide can help you get started.

Clearly Mark Areas Of High Risk

You should always use markers to show that a specific area is one of high risk, where people can either be hurt or indeed killed with negligence. This should be around machinery or hazardous substances. Consider using a name plate manufacture company for quality signage that won’t deteriorate. You need to make people aware at all times. Sure, your staff may know what is hazardous and what isn’t, but new starters and indeed visitors to your company may not and as such may hurt themselves.

Health And Safety: The Business Killer
Health And Safety: The Business Killer

Give The Training Needed

One of the main reason people get injured is through inadequate training with certain machinery or devices. Make sure you give the right training to ensure there is the highest chance of avoiding an accident. It also shows due diligence on your part. You’re giving your workforce the best possible opportunity to keep themselves safe. You need to keep retraining them too to ensure that their skill with a certain machinery does not deteriorate. There may be periods of time where they don’t use the machinery, so it should be kept informed and updated.

Have Clear Fire Procedures

You need a clear fire assembly point and also a great alarm system that can stop a fire in its tracks. Sprinkler systems are needed to keep it at bay and make sure you place appropriate fire hydrants around as needed. You need to ensure there are regular drills in which people take part in so they know what to do. This is even more important in places where fire is more likely than others. Showing due diligence here is extremely important.

Be Tough On Rule Breakers

You need to take a tough stance so that they know you are serious about breaking the rules. If you discipline those that break them people will know how serious you are about it and toe the line. You are only doing it to protect the workforce. So be sure to punish anyone you see breaking rules. This could be operating machinery in a roundabout way or doing so without the correct PPE. Ensure they are reprimanded. Keep it on everyone’s agenda and they will always ensure they do the right thing. Try having one day a week which is focused on health and safety trainings. Double check standards and ensure all processes are being followed as they should. The more you shout about it the more it will be adhered to by all. And remember, you need to set the example yourself too. Don’t ever get caught out not following your own rules or you’ll lose all credibility.

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