How Apps Like Ibotta Can Help You Earn And Invest Your Money

Ibotta is a mobile phone application that was developed in Denver, Colorado. It allows users to earn cashback when they purchased something on the grocery stores, dine in restaurants, watch movies, etc.

Since its launch in 2012, Ibotta partnered with various companies and brand retailers to provide offers and cashback on groceries, gadgets, clothes, restaurants, movies, and many more. Since that day, the money-saving app has already paid its users a total of $ 275,000,000 as cashbacks. On top of that, the app also had a record-breaking number of downloads at 23 million.

The figures are overwhelming, but the question you might have in your mind is how do apps such as Ibotta can help you invest your money and earn?

Below are the different ways of investing and earning in Ibotta:


The application is primarily developed to give its users an offer to save from their purchases through cashback. This allows you to offset a certain amount on every purchase you made either in-store or online. In fact, compared to a competitor like Swagbucks (review here), earning from cashback in Ibotta is far easier than from other apps such as Swagbucks.

How Do Cashbacks from Ibotta Work?

The cashback process works as simply as a child’s play. First, you need to select a plan of purchase. Pay close attention to offer expiration to a particular product, dish, or gadget you are planning to purchase. When you have made the purchase, you need to submit verifications on the app to prove and qualify your purchase. After that, the cashback will be credited on your account —plain and simple.

How To Start Earning Cashbacks?

According to this review of Ibotta’s mobile app from, earning cashback on Ibotta is less complicated compared to other money-making apps. With that, it is safe to say that cashback offers from Ibotta are tempting, and you probably are already thrilled to download the app and give it a shot. Below is the breakdown of steps on how you can start earning cashback on Ibotta;

  • Step 1: Add Offers
  • On your phone, open the Ibotta app and log in using your email and password. Choose the stores, restaurants, or brands you favor and on the homepage and select offers that the stores where you plan to shop.

  • Step 2: Enjoy Shopping
  • Once you have added offers on your Ibotta account, you can now go to your favorite stores and shop the items that you wanted. Ibotta accepts purchases made at local stores or through online shopping. Make sure to save a copy of your receipts or other proofs of purchase, as this will be needed for verification.

  • Step 3: Verification
  • There are three ways on how you can redeem cashback on Ibotta.

    • Manual Submission Of Receipts
    • Through manual verification of purchase, you can get your purchase/s verified by taking a picture of your receipt or scanning the QR code on the receipt and uploading it on the app. When prompted, be ready with the items you have purchased and scan their bar codes.

    • Submission Via Loyalty Card
    • With a loyalty card, there will be no need for you to snap pictures and scan codes. Instead, the store would require you to upload a copy of your loyalty card before you can set offers and go shopping. With loyalty card submission, cash backs are credited on your account after 48 hours.

    • Mobile Submission
    • With mobile submission verifications, you can directly shop using the Ibotta app on your favorite online store. For instance, if you wanted to buy something on Amazon, then you can open your Ibotta app, select Amazon, and make your purchase directly on the mobile app. No need for receipts, codes, or cards. Once the purchase is completed, the cashback would be credited to your account.

  • Step 4: Redeem
  • Every time you have successfully verified purchase on your Ibotta app, the cash backs are credited on your account. These cash backs are actual cash and not points, which can be redeemed when the amount reached the minimum withdrawal amount of $20.

Ibotta Bonuses

Another way to earn on Ibotta is taking advantage of in-app bonuses which you could do personally or with your teammates.

  • Sign Up Bonuses
  • This gift works more like a referral bonus. When you invite one friend to download and try the Ibotta app, you will get a $10 sign up bonus. The money could go a long way, especially if you had more friends to invite.

    Speaking of investments, you can invest some money and advertise Ibotta on different social media sites, websites, or channels. The earning comes when somebody uses your referral link to download and use the Ibotta App. Remember that’s $10 per invite.

  • Teamwork Bonuses
  • In teamwork bonuses, you can earn if you team up with your friends and accomplish specific goals within the timeframe. The good thing about it is that you benefit from your teammates’ purchases on top of your own.

    For instance, the challenge for this month to get past level one is your team should make ten purchases and reach $10 in cashback. If the challenges are met, then you and your team will receive a bonus.


Why not hit two birds with one stone using the Ibotta app? Earn while you are doing your regular grocery shopping, After all, the app is free and the time you spend in making adding offers and verifying your purchases would be less compared to the cashback that you would save or earn from Ibotta. With the value for money getting increasingly steeper at this time and age, being wiser in your decisions would make a difference.

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