How Smartphones Have Revamped Business

In the last decade, smartphones have become the norm. But with these pocket-sized computers becoming so common, it can be easy to forget just how influential the move towards smart tech has been on the world.

From reinvigorating the way we consume technology to making the online world accessible with a few taps of the screen, they have changed every aspect of society. One area in particular that has been influenced by the rise of the smartphone is business. Here’s a look at how this has happened and what this means.

  1. Enhanced communication
  2. The major change brought about by the smartphone is the simplification of how we communicate with others. Thanks to apps for emails and social networks, businesses are able to communicate with colleagues, partners and potential clients.

    Whereas before we’d have to sit at a computer, smartphones allow us to schedule meetings while travelling to a conference and quickly send a direct message to someone who has spotted the Instagram feed and likes what they see. Add to this, business-dedicated platforms such as LinkedIn providing online networking opportunities and it’s clear that the business world has been brought closer.

  3. Transferred offline to online
  4. There are lots of things that we did before that were time consuming. For example, we’d look up numbers in the phone book, then use the landline to input the number. Now, instead of trawling through the phone book to find the number we’re looking for, smartphones have made it possible to quickly search for the company we’re trying to reach and opt to dial the number listed on the site.

    This type of tech has also opened up a whole new industry. Mobile advertising has become something that is tracked and PPC teams can generate revenue from this type of advertising.

    In addition, it’s possible to track this journey taken by the customer from when they launch the website on their smartphone right through to clicking on the number. Specialists such as ResponseTap can help businesses follow this caller journey, helping them to plan advertising and marketing campaigns in the future.

  5. Enabled remote working
  6. Another major change offered by smartphones is how easy it is to work remotely. Phones can be connected to companies’ cloud-based IT systems, making it easy for staff to call in to meetings and respond to urgent requests from home or from satellite offices.

    By giving staff members the opportunity to work remotely, businesses can benefit in several ways. For example, they are showing they trust their teams to get on with their workload and this level of trust means that staff are more likely to feel valued and, in turn, they are more likely to be engaged in their work and less likely to leave.

Where smartphone technology takes us next is yet to be discovered. But it’s sure to continue to be a positive influence in business.

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