How Startup Businesses Can Benefit From Using SEO Tools

By now, you may have already heard about Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. It is considered one of the most powerful present-day tools for digital marketing purposes. As businesses start to become more competitive than ever, startups need such tools on their side. In fact, no marketing strategy is ever complete without a hint of SEO here and there.

However, because you’re still a relative newcomer to this industry, it’s expected that you may not know a lot about SEO yet. Going ahead on a DIY basis, or letting your team manage the entire practice isn’t an option when you’re still in the early stages of getting to know about these techniques. This is where SEO tools can turn into an advantage for you.

SEO tools help provide you with all the assistance that you need to abide by the techniques set out by Search Engine Optimization. Along these lines, startup businesses can benefit from using these tools in the following ways:

1. Turns The Spotlight On Your Website

When you’re running a business website for a startup business, that’s all the more reason for you to make an extra effort to ensure that visitors make it to your site. Adding to this challenge is the fact that while running a website, you’re always open. This is unlike a physical store, where you’ve got an opening and closing time. This means that you’re always fighting for attention 24/7.

Still, there is good news in the form of SEO tools, which help turn the spotlight on your website when applied. This means that through the use and application of SEO tools, your website can drive much more traffic than you expected, gain more revenue in the process, and also enable you to focus more on hitting that perfect mark in the business niche that you belong to.

2. Helps You Target Quality Traffic

With SEO, naturally, the goal is to drive traffic to your site. The more traffic that comes to your website, the higher is the earning potential in the form of more customers. But, you can now refine this further through SEO tools, as the right tools enable you to target quality traffic.

SEO tools update you regarding customer-driven methods to encourage customers to come and visit your site. It also helps create beneficial resources that make your website more accessible to the general public. Not only is this more convenient for your target market, but it also results in more qualified leads for your business.

That said, here’s why quality traffic is important for business:

  • It results in higher conversions, which means that these website visitors aren’t just visitors per se, they also turn into paying clients
  • It decreases your bounce rate, which means that there will be fewer individuals visiting your website and then immediately leaving
  • It brings in a higher ROI of SEO

3. Impacts The Buying Cycle Of Customers

The buying cycle of your customers or your target market refers to that time, which begins from when you first reach your customers until such time that they become paying customers. Without increasing your costs, using SEO tools can help you impact the buying cycle of your customers. Hence, the direct result is a higher probability of an increase in your sales.

Note that people are continually searching the Internet for answers. They’re always looking for good deals, and they’re also looking for information such as whether or not it’s going to be worth buying anything from your business at all. Because you’re still a startup business, it’s expected that there isn’t yet so much information available about your business on the Internet.

This is where the magic of SEO tools comes in. It’s like a magnet that automatically attracts more customers to your website, not just to visit your site, but to immediately buy items. SEO tools can achieve this through the metrics they have in place, such as which critical and relevant keywords are best to use. SEO tools bring you where your customers are, and thereby also direct these customers towards your site.

4. Takes Away The Need To Pay For Ads

When you’re still in the startup phase, it’s natural that you’ll want to save on costs whenever you can. Normally, you wouldn’t have a lot of capital to play around with. Hence you’ve got to be very careful with your expenses.

With SEO tools, you can effectively cut down the expense of having to pay for ads. There are no ongoing costs for you to attract more traffic to your website. SEO tools, when applied to your website, can continue running because of the techniques and the metrics that they already have in place.

5. Multiplies Your Impact On The Internet

One of the most distinct advantages of using the Internet vis-à-vis other forms of advertising is the very fact that the World Wide Web presents you with a broader range of opportunities. You have a full range of customers at your fingertips, and with a few clicks, you’re also able to reach these customers.

However, these advantages cannot come without any effort on your part. For you to enjoy the benefits, you must also put in the necessary work. By this, it means investing in SEO tools, which are cheap but worthwhile, and can help your business multiply its impact on the Internet.

Think of SEO tools as a printer that helps you create your digital calling cards. Because these tools are pre-programmed to be up-to-date with the latest trends in digital marketing, you can be sure that your business website will work and operate to become even more efficient than before.


SEO is one of the best and fail-proof ways for websites to rank higher on search engines, particularly for businesses that have just started. Because they’ve already been in the industry for a long time, many companies know precisely how to go about their SEO strategies. But, for newbies, they need all the assistance that they can get. So for startups, the best way to go about this is by utilizing the right SEO tools.

As a Search Engine Optimization or SEO expert, Abby Romes works by analyzing, reviewing, and implementing changes to a specific website to become more optimized for search engines and generate more online traffic. Most of Abby’s clients are small and startup business owners who struggle to make a strong online presence.