How the Police Can Ruin One’s Business?

Misuse of power by some police officers have occasionally been occurring in most parts of the United States in the past. However, the sad thing about this is that these acts have now started to become more frequent than ever before, especially with the news of police killings happening everywhere. And the most annoying thing is that they keep attributing them, most times, to unintentional discharge by the police officers in question rather than the fact that they actually do abuse the authority they have. Despite the fact that many residents are law-abiding citizens who try as much as possible to always support police and stay away from crime, this brutality still continues to increase. Even with the mass agitation for this to stop, the recent Fullerton police activity confirms that these maddening acts have not really been put to an end. To tell you how serious this issue is, students are now even being asked by their teachers to write and share their opinion. If you also have to write an essay on police brutality, you can read this article – it will help you to get a picture on how the police can ruin one’s business with their abuse of power.

So how can they this brutality ruin your business?

As much as we like to deny it, there’s widespread corruption in our police agencies. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying they are all corrupt. I know many of them are clean and absolutely true to the principles of their work. However, there are still many of them – wolves in sheep’s clothing – who abuse the authority they have by making the lives of the citizens they’re supposed to be protecting even more difficult than it ordinarily is.

In the business world, this abuse is even more pronounced, and is especially towards striving businesses, who cannot afford to buy themselves the immunity they need against these brutalities of the police. An argumentative essay about police brutality has shown that this act is one of the real causes for the failure of many small businesses, even with the suitable environment the government is trying to provide for small businesses to thrive as well as the huge amount of money these entrepreneurs are investing to make sure their businesses become really successful in the long run. This essay on police brutality also shows that those who don’t fail, desperately struggle to keep up because of the large amount of money they have to pay to some corrupt officers on a monthly or yearly basis to prevent this brutality from happening.

Many businessmen and businesswomen are often so afraid of being victims of raider seizures despite the laws that have been put in place to reduce the unlawful act in the US. This is because of the power of law enforcement agencies that greatly contribute to the unlawful confiscation of properties, facilities, and equipment of many businesses. There have even been cases where the law enforcement agencies decide to take-over certain businesses because of their failure to comply to their directives, like refusing police inspection, and also the failure to obey some other legislation on investment.

If you don’t have effective legal protection in place to secure you against brutality, your business may be rather open to seizure by corrupt officials of the law enforcement agencies. They can decide to level serious accusations of fraud, purchase of payable accounts, bankruptcy, internal problems, purchase of payable accounts, bankruptcy, internal company problems, founder inadequacies and some other unreasonable accusations against your company.

So, to substantiate their accusations, they look for proof, and would immediately attack and seize your home and business if they find any loophole after going through your company data and reports. And, this can cause you to eventually lose your business, as well as the other properties you may own even with legal backing.

These corrupt officials actually make use any of your employees to create these leaks in your company data, even if you’re clean, that you have no cause than to give up your business in the end.


If you are writing a police brutality essay, you should also know that many corrupt officers work for powerful businesspersons who don’t want the competition. These barons can always send their puppets to threaten your life and impose unreasonable heavy fines on you, just in a bid to make sure that your business doesn’t grow beyond the level it is. They can decide to seize and ultimately shut your business down. Escaping these all depends on your will to build a strong legal background for your company, so you don’t run the risk of an illegal seizure in the future.

David works for a company, which has a huge number of projects in the education sphere.