Three Stages of Copyright Anxiety: How Can Your Business Get Over It

There is always an influx of copyright claims and reports that are in Amazon’s office every day. News reports showed that Amazon has received lawsuits on copyright infringement called out for plagiarism and received issues from content creators that stated that their work appears on Amazon without their permission.

Amazon’s Anxiety

Since Amazon is a multibillion-dollar company, it’s natural for them to be anxious about certain reports on product authenticity. Amazon works to protect their reputation and has a team that works to keep their name out of the press regarding a “bad product” sold on their site.

Also, Amazon aims to reduce internal team failure and legal liability by having their teams take appropriate action when third parties create amazon report inauthentic item.

Counterfeit items are unsafe, untested items that are sold by third-party sellers to create a culture of mistrust against the rights owners trusted customers.

Liabilities show a major marketplace problem. For instance, once an illegitimate version of the right’s owner’s, a product is sold on Amazon, the company is legally required to take the offending party’s product from their site.

If Amazon is unable to fix the issue, then they face legal repercussions. Stories about buyers receiving an illegitimate, or dangerous on their site are bad for their reputation. In fact, it attracts social media attention and change policies.

Having bad press can undermine the consumer faith that Amazon has worked to build. Since it was launch on July 5th, 1994, the company has worked hard to keep their reputation positive in the eyes of their customers.

Seller Anxiety

Like Amazon, the sellers face anxiety when it comes to amazon report inauthentic items as well. For example, there are some sellers who have their accounts suspended by rival companies who use Amazon’s platform to take down their product listings.

There are times when the consumer’s sales are higher than others than a given month (i.e., December’s Christmas Season has the highest online sales). You have to know how to survive Amazon’s

In short: Remain calm and keep a cool head if you have been wrongfully flagged for a product listing. Then, find out the reason why your business attracted scrutiny via Product Quality. We recommend that you think like Amazon’s investigating team and create a Plan of Action.

Amazon might contact you and tell you that they’ve reviewed everything and decided not to reinstate your account. Make sure that you send them more information in another appeal. Your Plan of Action has to take as much time as another seller’s plan. This means that it has to be straightforward and to the point to protect your business from being suspended.

Investigator Anxiety

Investigators have anxiety when searching through copyright claims as well. They have to make sure that their decision is accurate and doesn’t wrongfully accuse the rights owner. Investigators start to show signs of anxiety when they fail to mark an item correctly. Failing the investigator can result in a reduction in the Investigator team member’s performance metrics.


Remember, all sides of the copyright dispute is affected once a report is made. That’s why you need to ensure that your business is legitimate so that your product claims are accurate. Ultimately, understand that all sides have anxiety during these reviews and do the right steps to ensure that your amazon report inauthentic item is removed.

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