How To Get Started With PPC Marketing

If you know little about PPC marketing and care to know more, or you already know how you want to implement PPC marketing but you don’t know how to start, you’ve come to the right place. PPC can be an incredibly effective way to drive traffic to your website. If you do not have the time or skills to take on this kind of campaign yourself, consider hiring a professional from a reputable company such as Redesign to do it for you.

With that in mind, here is a primer on PPC marketing and how it works.

How To Get Started With PPC Marketing

What Is PPC?

PPC or pay-per-click is a form of internet marketing in which the advertisers pay a minimal fee each time their ads are clicked. It’s a way of purchasing traffic to your website, rather than using more organic methods such as SEO optimization and keyword placement.

Search Engine Advertising is the most common form of PPC. It enables advertisers to pay for the placement of their ads in a search engine’s sponsored links anytime a person searches for a keyword related to their business services. For instance, if you pay for the phrase “dog food,” your ad will turn up on the first page of a Google results page.

Every time your ad is clicked, you’ll have to pay a fee to the search engine. However, when PPC is appropriately implemented, the cost is negligible compared to the value and potential that comes with being first on the list. Simply put, if you spend $2 for a click, but the click leads to a $200 sale, you’ve made an enormous profit.

What Is Google Ads?

Google Ads is the most widely used PPC advertising system in the world. This ad platform allows businesses to generate ads on Google’s search engine and other Google assets.

Google ads function on a pay-per-click pattern, in which advertisers bid on keywords and pay for each click on their advertisements. Thus, whenever a search is launched, Google looks for advertisers’ ads and selects some ads to emerge on the priceless ad space at the top of its search results page.

How Does PPC Work?

You can start a PPC campaign in four simple steps:

  • Step 1- Sign up for a Google account

If you already have an existing account, you can simply sign in.

  • Step 2- Get started with Google Ads

Go to the homepage of Google Ads and select “Get Started.” Google will then lead you to a form to put in the information to start a new campaign. To create a new campaign with Google PPC, type your business name and business website. Click “Next” once you’re finished.

  • Step 3 – Fill out the rest of the form

At this point, you need to fill out:

  • Your business & audience

This refers to information about your customers, potential audience size, and the placement of your ad.

  • Budget & review

This is where you’ll enter your ad budget and examine your campaign settings.

  • Set up billing

This is where you’ll supply billing information. Once you have entered this info, click “Submit” to commence your campaign.

How To Optimize Your PPC Campaign

Now that you have your campaign ready, it’s time to manage and optimize your ads. You need to put in measures to target the appropriate audience. Optimizing your campaign will help you generate the highest clicks while spending as little as possible.

If you are working with a professional, they will take care of this aspect of your campaign for you. They will help create and manage compelling ads that meet all your organizational goals.

Last Words

Whether you have a new business or you’ve been around for a while, PPC could be the force you need to get ahead of your competition. Do some research and take what you learn to build a successful PPC strategy that will increase traffic to your website.

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