How to Make Your Business More Sustainable

Sustainability is at the forefront of more minds than ever before. It’s having an impact on many industries, from energy suppliers to fashion brands. It’s an important, and necessary step for all businesses to follow. How can you show that your business is taking sustainability seriously?

How to Make Your Business More Sustainable

Ethical Investing

Let’s begin with ethical investing, also known as ESG investing. This is where you invest in assets that have a positive impact. They can benefit the environment, people, or help struggling economies to grow. You need to ensure your business is investing in areas that will go towards sustainability efforts, rather than work against them. This can include sourcing goods from ethical companies. If you do otherwise, it will have a detrimental effect on the environment and the image of your business. 

Get Inspired 

There are plenty of companies across the country which have taken moves to become more sustainable. These steps don’t just help the planet, but it also helps their brands grow. According to data released by insights company Kantar, 77% of Brits have switched, avoided or boycotted brands because of their environmental policies. Thanks to public interest, the number of green start-ups have rapidly increased. Take a look at the companies doing well and see how their methods can fit your business model. 

Clear Goals

Making your company more sustainable is not just down to you, but your employees too. You all need to work together in order to make the changes happen. You need to set clear goals which everyone can strive towards. These need to be realistic in order to achieve them. They should be an integral part of the company’s culture and everyone needs to be willing to put the work in. You can start small and build up. For instance, reduce the use of plastic bottles.

Social Responsibility 

Your sustainability plans can reach outside of the office. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a company’s strategy on giving back to the community. This can benefit the environment, and people who live in your local area. Examples of this include fundraising for local charities, partnering with local businesses, and using venues within the area. This benefits the community and your company as you can help one another.

Embrace Change 

Sustainability, while important for the environment, is also about what will work in the long-term. If the past year has shown anything, it’s the fact your business needs to be prepared for change.  For instance, maybe more of your employees are now working from home. You had to adapt and be flexible. Embrace changes and make sure they can work in the long-term.

A sustainable business can help the environment and ensure your company will be successful for the foreseeable future. How are you making your business more sustainable?

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