Keeping On Top Of Your Kitchen’s Extraction System

If you run a commercial kitchen, there are many rules and regulations that you must adhere to, including guidelines regarding ventilation. You can get a summary of the advice on the Health and Safety Executive website where you can read the guidelines on the ventilation that is required in a commercial kitchen. You should make sure that all of the equipment in your kitchen is serviced regularly, including the extraction fan, and there are some signs that your extraction system may not be working at maximum efficiency if you know the warning signs.

Too Hot & Uncomfortable

A busy kitchen can be a hot environment to work in, and if you are having problems maintaining a comfortable working environment, you may be experiencing problems with your extractor fan for your kitchen. If your system is old and outdated, you may need to consider replacing it entirely, and you can search using the internet for a company that offers commercial kitchen extraction fan installation in London, or where ever else in the UK you are located. Find a reliable and reputable company close to your business and ask for a quote to install a bespoke extractor fan system.

A High Turnover Of Staff

A by-product of having uncomfortable working conditions can lead to a high turnover of staff, and when you find a good one you may end up having difficulty in keeping them. It is in the interests of your business to create an environment that is comfortable for your employees as possible. When employees are happy, they work harder and are more productive, so the long term benefits for your business could be massive.

Hard To Open The Doors

If your building is well sealed overall and you are experiencing problems with your extractors fans that are currently installed, you could find resistance when trying to open the doors. The difference in air pressure between the two rooms is a clear sign that the balance of the system is off and needs addressing. As well as doors that are hard to open, also look for slamming doors, which is another sign that there is an imbalance with the air pressure.

High Utility Bills

Another sign that your system may not be working as efficiently as it should is that you are paying unusually high utility bills. If you have an inadequate ventilation or extraction system, this will often be much more expensive to run than a more modern one that runs at a much higher efficiency rate.

The Quality Of Food Is Affected

When the airflow in your kitchen is not balanced, you can find that this can also affect the food that is prepared in the area. You may experience uneven cooking, a larger amount of grease build up than normal, or a shortened lifespan of food and ingredients due to the less than ideal storage conditions.

Before you let the bad extraction or ventilation in your kitchen affect your business, get it taken care of by a professional company that will help you to set up the perfect kitchen for your business. Invest in your business, and the returns can see your establishment taking the first steps towards the success of which you have always dreamt.

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