What payment method is suitable for your business?

Contrary to Jessie J.’s hit song- No, it’s all about the money, money money! It is every seller’s goal to be compensated in exchange for their services. Usually the market norm is the traditional cash but recently it has evolved into so much more. The Credit Card payment has been widely adapted nowadays particularly when the purchase is more than the average transaction. It has become convenient for users to bring a card rather than bulky denominations or coins. Customers also opt for this kind of method because credit card companies are offering “Points System” as a means of reward. Surveys even show that sales per customer has increased tremendously as compared to the previous decade. So for merchants, it is better to entertain the possibilities of other forms of payment acceptance to cover and cater to different kinds of customer.

When you are open to a broader scope of payment acceptance, customers will likely purchase your goods depending on what’s convenient for them. This idea is very important for Startup Companies since we are aiming to gather a bigger scope of customers on our side.This might be a little different compared to the conventional cash but nevertheless, it still works and thriving to meet the needs of the ever changing market. Nowadays, there are new payment systems that are created to suit customer demands.

At the soonest, merchants can get the payment within 24-48 hours or the next operation day. These methods arising holds no initial cost and low transaction fee. With these new technologies, it has made buying and selling more convenient and easier. Startup companies can make use of it at a low cost.


5 ways to choose from as a payment method

Comparison Table

list of payment methods comparison

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