All About Node.JS and Why Developers Should Learn It

Whether you’re a creative web developer or you’re a business set on building the next lucrative app, Node.JS is going to be very important at some point in your career.

Coming up with ideas isn’t the hard part. Every day, creative individuals come up with great ideas that could potentially revolutionize the world. However, few of these ideas ever become a reality because their creators lack access to the technical know-how that they need to make their dream come true.

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What Exactly is Node.JS?

If you’re somewhat familiar with front-end web development, you should know your big three: HTML, CSS, and Javascript. HTML controls the website layout, CSS controls the styling, and Javascript creates an interactive experience and a feature-rich web application.

Node.JS is essentially a framework for Javascript and helps to create a server-side runtime environment that is both quick and efficient. All coding is done in Javascript, but you’ll have full access to the npm (Node Project Manager) library of pre-compiled code, and the powerful back-end functionality of Node.JS.

The Key Benefit of Node.JS?

From a business perspective, Node.JS has one key benefit over using a traditional Vanilla Javascript layout or scaffolded AngularJS framework.

Reduced Server Intensity

One of the best benefits of using Node.JS is that it simplifies the way that your server processes requests. Examples of requests may include form submissions, button clicking, and even webpage animations.

Each one of these requests places a load on the server and requires it to pause and process these events. If there are hundreds or thousands of users currently on your application, then it’s going to require an immense amount of processing power to handle the large volume of requests.

Node.JS arranges each request into a single line and processes them one at a time. This means that the server processor is only having to handle one event instead of multiple.

Advantages of Node.JS For Developers

If you’re a front-end web dev, then you’ll eventually learn how great Node.JS is for developers. The framework gives you the ability to code quicker than ever before, access to almost half a million pre-written code blocks in the npm library, and a way to handle the backend side of your project.

Quicker Coding

Node.JS is a low-input, high-output framework. This means that developers will have to put in very little effort compared to the results that they’ll be getting. This is due to the fact that Node.JS provides a lot of free-hand Javascript functionality and access to the npm libraries.

Access To Massive NPM Libraries

Say you wanted to build an interactive Contact Submit form in Javascript. It’s relatively simple but requires you to write a decent amount of code before you see any results. With the npm library, all you need to do is browse through compatible node packets to serve your purposes. These pre-compiled code blocks can be injected right into your project for a quick solution to any problem.

Whether you’re building a small streaming application or a cutting-edge business site, Node.JS can greatly simplify the process. Hire Node.JS for developers and businesses who wanted a streamlined method of creating new apps, and a simple, hassle-free way to amplify the functionality and ability of Javascript.

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