Home Security Systems vs Smart Home Systems

Choosing the Appropriate DIY Plan

Which is of higher priority? Security or Comfort?

There are a lot of things to consider in putting into place, your smart home, especially when you have to choose between security and comfort. Most if not all programs out there tend to make one feature or the other pronounced, although they might share similar features.

Someone who gives high regard to being notified of a burglary or a catastrophe which might include a fire outbreak will have more rest of mind with a home security system, especially in cases where such systems complement their alertness prowess with the ability to inform life-savers in your interest.

However, for someone who cares less about such alertness, but rather finds a higher degree of favor in the joy and comfort of modern home technology, such a person would want a smart home system. Such comfort includes being able to control the air conditioners with just his voice or say having the doors open with just a swipe of his hands.

The fundamentals of a home security system

The home security enterprise has been drastically affected in recent times, owing to the accessibility to broadband devices that are always online, a technology that enables you to do away with the wires while spending less, and lastly, smart home technology. In times past, one would require the services of a technician referred by a service provider, to help put in place a large metal box in one’s closet, and also couple this metal box to all the doors and windows. In addition to this, to keep the system running, one would have to subscribe to a pricey, extended commitment for time to time professional monitoring.

One still has the luxury of purchasing professionally installed systems from vendors such as Vivint and Comcast, who usually have monitoring factored into their acquisition bill. Also, a do-it-yourself kit comes with equipment that is just as good, though not always glittery, and can have it working in less than two hours. Non-compulsory professional monitoring is also an alternative for a number of these systems. A number of professional monitoring providers abound, and one of them is think protection inc. which offers its services at only $19 monthly; a free mobile app accompanies this.

Some neighborhoods make compulsory the obtaining of a permit prior to the installation of an alarm system. Moreover, an additional fee might be added if their lifesavers happen to be dismissed in response to an alarm that turns out to be false. The vendor you’re looking at transacting with should be able to inform you whether or not, such permits are necessary where you stay.

Home security system kits

A number of security systems are put up for sale in the form of kits that make sure all its units come to work as one. The units that make up a security system starter kit vary amongst manufacturers. However, a regular kit will include:

  • A hub that connects to your router, either via a wireless interface or with the aid of an Ethernet cable. The hub is essentially the brain of the whole system. In a number of systems, the hub might be in the same enclosure with the alarm, which gives you a warning and scares off an intruder; and also a keypad which is used to arm and disable the system as needed.
  • Door/window sensors: They are small, devices made up of two pieces, and are taped to or screwed to your doors. They help send signals to the hub whenever someone tries to open the door or window.
  • A motion sensor that helps detect movement around its field of view.
  • A secondary keypad that helps ease your interaction with the security system.
  • Glass break/vibration detectors to help detect glass breakage sounds.
  • Smoke detectors.
  • Water leak sensors.
  • A monitoring camera.

Professional monitoring or self-monitoring?

The concluding step in selecting a home security system is deciding on it would be monitored. Self-monitoring places all responsibility that has to with security on your shoulders. Whenever you get notified as regards your alarm getting offset, deciding on whether or not to call responders such as the fire department is up to you.

Professional monitoring services come as subscription packages. However, a number of companies make compulsory the signing of a contract agreement, that commits you to the service for a number of years.

Selecting the right DIY platform can be quite a challenge. However, it all comes down to your preferences; do you prefer systems with a high alertness system? Then the home security system is designed just for you. However, if you’re one who puts comfort and fun ahead of alertness, then the smart home system is your sure bet.

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