Shut Up & Startup!

Everyone has that mate from work, or down the pub that has a great idea for a business. They spend their coffee breaks dreaming of getting out of the rat race and being the boss of their own empire, and they talk your ear off about it at every chance they as well. But at the end of the day talk is cheap. Those that succeed in the startup world are people that take decisive actions like the ones below. Read on to find out more.

Make a Plan

The first action that you need to take when you are considering starting up a business is making a plan. It’s all very well having a great idea, but ideas without a plan aren’t going to get you very far!

Now this plan doesn’t have to be your life’s work or your masterpiece. It can be rough and ready in places, and it will probably be subject to change depending on the market anyway. But it is important that you have an end goal, and you break down the steps that you need to do to get there. Read some more about this and get a template here.

Source your Capital

Then once you have a plan, you can start taking other actions that will start to impact on your business. For one, when you have a plan in place it puts you in a much stronger position to get investors and raise capital for your venture.

This is one of the most important actions that you can take because it is the one that really allows you to start doing things like making your product on a larger scale and employing others to work for you. Vital elements of any successful startup.

Get a website

Once you have sourced your capital, then you really are in business, and the next action that you want to take is to set yourself up online. This includes creating a business website. Which is important because it will be the first port of call for most of your customers and suppliers. So it’s crucial that it looks good and does the job.

That is why is worthwhile investing some time into researching best website builder for the job. Remember here, that many sales and potential leads are lost because websites are not user-friendly enough! Don’t make the same mistake!

It can also help to have a chat box installed on your site, which will allow you to talk to visitors, answering their questions. Which in turn can help you achieve better retention and conversion level for your sales.

Refine your product

You have to be forward-thinking and start to develop new ideas, as Steve Jobs said, even before the customer realizes that they want them. Lastly, another vital action that you should be taking is to refine your product. You may say to this ‘my product is perfect!’ Well, you might think so, but do your customers? Do they want it in another color, style or one that is easier to use? You have to be forward-thinking and start to develop new ideas, as Steve Jobs said, even before the customer realizes that they want them. This is a crucial action to take for the success of any business.

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