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If you haven’t noticed, Facebook and Instagram is full of new and upcoming small business owners who have risen to a mediocre platform of success. Being an entrepreneur revolves around believing in your own achievements and failures when no one cares to pay attention.

The stature of success shouldn’t depend on what others deem to be unreachable, but obtained through being fabulous at what you love to do. Entrepreneurs become successful everyday without their achievements being broadcast to the world.

If you surf the internet about online businesses, you’ve probably come across some popular names such as Ty Lopez, Jeff Taylor, and Tim Seidler, Steve Rendell, Stuart Walker, and Dom Wells. The list continues, but this is just a small tip of the iceberg on how many people have and will be successful at maintaining an online business.

Most people with successful businesses that built a solid foundation without any online presence might feel like this news is irrelevant to their business beliefs and endeavors. It might cause you to ask yourself “why is a website needed if the business is already profitable?”

In 2018, 1.9 billion users of Facebook have stormed the charts by a landslide for the most active social media platform. Facebook is not only the number one social media network platform, but beats all other social media platforms by 700 million active users. Undoubtedly, social media presence can be one of the most effective and powerful competitive advantages your business can use for growth.

If I launched a business today, I would definitely need someone’s website designing services. Creating a tantalizing online presence has become the norm for most flourishing business owners today. Where there are great numbers in business, you can bet your bottom dollar the owner will mention, “Don’t forget to like and share us on Facebook.” Keeping a well-designed website for customers could equate to the longevity of your business.

Over time, the consistency of engaging into a well designed and effective website will increase the revenue of your business. Entrepreneur, author and YouTuber, Mike Vestil, built a business from zero to $1.5 million in 12 months. Mike’s first keynote of advice pointed to creating an online media presence through YouTube.

Every beginning facet of Mike’s success stemmed from his foundation of social media presence. Using Mike Vestil as an example of online success might be one good reason to pay attention to the world of social media platforms for business. One of the most interesting factors in my example sticks out like a sore thumb. How was this done in only a twelve month span?

Everyone has the opportunity to learn from others mistakes. One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made has been avoiding my social media presence in a world full of internet users. Starting earlier with your business could mean you’ll have a better flow of momentum later, versus starting late and playing catch up with the masses.

Every entrepreneur desires to be successful, but how you define your success will always define how you feel about your business. There are more successful entrepreneurs that I could have used as an example, but encouraging someone to be motivated now should be the overall drive and destination of each entrepreneur.

Today almost fifty percent of small businesses still don’t have a website for their company. It’s so ironic that most small businesses start slow the first two years. Could it be the lack of online presence with their websites? Starting your small business with an online website might have become one the most essential priorities to business today. Remember 1.9 million active Facebook users consistently scroll through the feeds.

With so much out there to help you grow your business, it would be foolish not to use every presence you can think of. Who knows if your business growth might become viral overnight or within the next year of launching. The choice is yours.

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