The Benefits of Utilizing Digital Marketing for Law Firms

The process of running a business that not only survives, but thrives is in its environment is proven to be a hectic one. Setting aside all sense of altruistic purpose, making a profit from your business is the goal of any owner. Since each and every person has a set of circumstances and goals to abide by, there lies numerous ways for businesses to grow underlined by various strategies. With product based businesses, there are two approaches that these business alternate between. One is to lower the product’s cost as much as possible, by any of the means available to the business’s specific scenario. They manage to do that by applying things like buying wholesale material, cheap labor, and reuse of raw ingredients.

The other approach is universal to any type of business, but is more commonly used with service based industries. This is because with services, like contracting, realty, and law only require talent as their raw material, making the option to lower initial costs useless. Law firms, similar to other service-based businesses, depend solely on marketing as their business strategy. Not only does this provide an ability to gain new business, but also gets talented lawyers to want to join the company.

There are many things that aid in the establishment of a powerful marketing strategy, one of the most prominent is digital marketing.

Widest range and most possibilities

It is futile to argue against the effectiveness of Digital Marketing in the normal means of offline marketing. Logically speaking, if one would print tens of thousands of flyers promoting their business, and went door to door in a 50 mile radius around their business, they still won’t get the same coverage provided by Digital Marketing. With the click of a mouse, or the tap of a finger, one could learn all there is to know about every single business residing in their locale. With the uploading and constant updating of once offline directories like Yellow Pages and such, a dependable and accessible means of marketing is now available.

Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click have principally boosted Digital Marketing to uncharted terrain and are still considered royalty among the other forms of online marketing. With Google being such a household name for information retrieval its transition from a mere data recalling machine, to a godly marketing tool was very smooth. And within this method, underlies a surge of marketing possibilities. Correctly utilizing and applying SEO as a strategy for your business can be a hassle even for tech-savvy people; Gladiator Law Marketing CEO Adam Draper has created a marketing agency that exclusively handles marketing for Law firms. This focus on a niche market has resulted in understanding the nuances of keyword selection that has proven most effective with clients searching for a lawyer.

Digital Marketing also has the ability to broadcast the business’s message globally or locally, providing an unparalleled sense of possibility. Your law firm can target clients in areas you are licensed by conveniently setting the marketing campaign’s radius to your liking. You can even run your virtual ad in specific neighborhoods and zip codes, which provides you with the control that offline marketing can’t provide. With so many online platforms to choose from, digital marketing enables its users to meticulously pick out their clients.

Analysis of online success leads to actual growth

It shouldn’t come as a shock to business owners that their popularity online is closely tied with their real image. With the internet being the platform it is, for communication and information sharing, people have learned to formulate opinions based off what they read online. This is emphasized by the rapid growth of platforms like Yelp, Avvo, HG, and many more that give customers the chance to view businesses, their rating, and even individual reviews from actual customers.

With law firms being much more visible online, customers can compare all the firms that cater to their needs. They can find reviews, malpractice history, and a litany of other details. To be able to grow, law firms should keep a close eye on the image they give clients online. This is crucial for developing the image a firm wants to deliver to their potential clients.

Branding and unmatched customer experience

We come to one of the most rewarding aspects of digital marketing; the ability that a small law practice has in marketing itself as a top tier firm, while still reassuring clients that they will have their cases treated with the attention, detail, and care that a smaller firm offers. Never before could small fish compete with big businesses in such an unbiased manner. Although big law firms can afford more extensive marketing campaigns that definitely come through, smaller practices or solo practitioners can still manage to look as big and more approachable than substantial firms. This can be done by something as simple a creating a promoted Facebook business page and actively posting and replying to customer requests.

Digital marketing also acts as an enhancer to the customer satisfaction process. This can be seen clearly in some forms of drip email marketing, smart websites, and automated replies. The census is that a population that on average spends more than 8 hours a day online is definitely not going to respond to normal offline forms of customer service. That is why we implore Law Firms to start considering upping their online marketing campaigns; long gone are the days of billboard ads.

Competition in the legal field is increasingly difficult. With the emergence of cookie cutter legal documents that can be drafted online for meager costs, to the free online consultations, acquiring clients is a difficult task. Old, non-digital advertising, like billboards or TV ads send the wrong message to clients; be it a dated firm or an ambulance chasing firm. With digital marketing you can reach clients that need your specific expertise and you can target clients that your firm wants to represent all while maintaining a professional image. Law firms, big or small, can benefit from digital marketing as much, if not more, as any business.

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