The Top 3 Tips to Becoming an Entrepreneur After 60

Some of the most successful people in the world are successful because they started their own business and become their own boss. Entrepreneurs take the risk of starting a business without knowing how successful it will be, and for some, that notion is exciting, however, for others, it can be intimidating and scary. It is especially scary for people who are over the age of 60 and have an idea for a business but are afraid of failing or wasting their time.

It’s unfortunately extremely common for people 60+ years old to have a business idea, but never execute it because they think they are too old to start a business. People that are 60+ years old often feel that they are too far into their life to start a new business or company, so simply let their idea waste away. However, the notion that they are too old to become successful is widely untrue.

Are you a 60-year-old person who has an idea for a business but don’t know how to turn the idea into a reality, or afraid to do so? This post will offer 3 tips to help you become an entrepreneur after 60.

3 Tips to Becoming an Entrepreneur After 60

How Can I Become an Entrepreneur as a Senior?

There is no expiration date as to when a person can become an entrepreneur. Whether you live by yourself, or you utilize an independent senior living in NJ, you can still turn your idea into a business and become an entrepreneur. With that being said, here are 3 tips to help you become a successful entrepreneur after the age of 60.

Find the Business That is Right For You and Begin Planning

You likely have a good idea of the kind of business you will be in based on your idea. Some examples of business include technology, food/restaurant, apparel, marketing, home improvement, etc. Once you recognize the kind of business you want to start, begin planning as soon as possible. Your business isn’t going to be successful all on its own. Your business will require you to get it up and running on your own. To have a successful business, you will need to plan as much as you can, especially if you need to talk to investors. Here are some questions to ask yourself that will help you plan:

      • Who is your ideal customer? How will you let them know about your business?
      • Do you need financial assistance? If so, for what? Be sure to be prepared for business emergencies/ unexpected issues.
      • Do you need to work in an office, or rent a building, or can you work remotely?
      • Do you have employees? Make the time to interview and hire people that will help you become successful down the road.
      • Where do you want your business to go?
      • How do you plan to grow your business? If you are unsure, you may want to talk to someone in this field and inquire about advice

It’s important you have answers to these questions before you build your business any further.


Networking is imperative for any business, however, it is especially important for new businesses as this is the main way you will get both clients and future employees. Some other benefits of networking include:

  • Helping you meet other people that have skills you didn’t know your business needed
  • Allows you to find potential investors
  • Your network can continue to send new customers your way

Market Your Business

Marketing is essential for your new business. Marketing is how you will not only let people know about your new business, it’s how you will keep existing clients. In 2020, more people are turning towards digital marketing in order to keep and gain a client base. If you are unfamiliar with marketing, and the digital aspect of it, it may be worth your while to hire a digital marketing agency to help you.

Whether you are doing the marketing yourself, or you have hired an agency, here are some key digital marketing strategies to employ:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing

Your Age Doesn’t Determine the Success of Your Idea

As you think about your business, don’t let your age get in the way. Don’t waste time focusing on why your age could play a part in your entrepreneurial endeavor; instead, use that energy to come up with in-depth business plans and ways to make your business as successful as possible. Keep these 3 tips in mind as you build a successful business as an aging adult.

Kelsey Simpson enjoys writing about things that can help others. She lives in South Jersey and is the proud companion to two German Shepherds and spends her free time volunteering in dog shelters.