Tips For Averting Sexual Harassment at The Workplace

If you have worked in any formal or informal settings, you are most likely to have heard stories about sexual harassment allegations. The sad part is, that this human right violation act is becoming more prevalent today across industries and geographies.

Not only does this pandemic affect the employees but it can-do severe damage to a brand. As such, most cooperates have taken the initiative to provide certain training programs to ensure a harassment-free working environment.

Check out this guide on Sexual Harassment Training in New York for more insight. In this article, we will discuss various ways companies can effectively prevent potential workplace harassment.

• Make it a workplace priority

Employers should emphasize that sexual harassment in the workplace is unacceptable. They should also be more hands-on in educating employees on the types of conduct that are prohibited in the office.

Also, the company should review and update its harassment policies often and communicate about them and their principles regularly. These should be done annually in all company meetings. Plus, each employee should be aware of the consequences of violating these policies irrespective of their rank in the organization.

• Make sure everyone understands sexual harassment and what it entails

It may appear obvious that everyone understands what sexual assault entails, but this might not be the case. The employer must educate the staff members on exactly what behaviors are considered inappropriate.

This human rights violation act encompasses several undesirable actions and behaviors including watching or displaying dirty content, making sexual contact, blowing kisses, winking, and requesting sexual favors among others.

Such behaviors not only lower the victim’s self-esteem but also damages the working relationship if left unrestrained.

• Keep the training sessions positive

Training is a very essential approach to eliminating sexual assault in the office. However, this approach might not be effective if it focuses more on the negative.

Employees may not react well to outright assumptions that they may be responsible for committing this offense or insinuations that they cannot be trusted.

One must devise a healthier way of conveying the message without focusing on the negatives. Research has it that, keeping the training sessions positive can foster desired results.

• Avoid using excessive legal language to educate

While it is essential to cover the topic of rules and principles related to this human rights violation, a strong focus on the same may not be perceived well by the employees. Employees might not take it lightly if you threaten them with employment laws and regulations.

Using legal dialect to educate employees on the acceptable workplace ethics may lower employees’ behavioral standards and it might indicate that, if something isn’t termed as illegal, it is acceptable which is wrong.

• Recruit employees to ensure a harassment-free working environment

It might not be practical for the HR manager to monitor employees’ behavior 24/7. However, companies can improve the likelihoods that signs of sexual assault attempts will be noticed, reported, and interrupted if they train staff members to act as good witnesses.

All employees have to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. Every staff is expected to report any incidences as well as support sexual assault victims.

Providing resources and training programs to help employees take appropriate actions is essential in ensuring a working environment that is safe and respectful.

• Recruit workers as social motivators

Chances are, employees will listen to their core workers since they share similar values compared to their HR manager. For this reason, organizations can enlist a group of workers as social motivators to help mitigate harassment in the workplace. Get to know the most influential employees in your company and use them as a tool to educate others on good work ethics.

• Take fast action when issues arise

Besides educating the employees on the acceptable work ethics, let them know of the disciplinary measures put in place in case someone violates any of these work ethics. It is also crucial that HR managers respond punctually to harassment reports.

This will motivate more people to report on these incidents. It will also deter an employee from committing harm to their colleagues. Likewise, every offender should be accountable for their actions regardless of their position. Click here for more insights.


While there are so many cases of sexual harassment in most companies, the above prevention measures can help diminish this devastating monster at work. These measures can also help build a business environment that is supportive and respective. Sexual harassment training is one of the most effective approaches used by employers to curb workplace harassment. Still, employers cannot create a harassment-free workplace on their own. Employees must also play their part by reporting any issues that may arise and interrupting any signs of harassment. Moreover, they should be willing to empathize with those who have fallen victims without any judgment.

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