Tips to Help You Get Professional and Affordable Business Cards

Everyday, more than 27 million business cards are printed, which comes in at just under 10 billion per year. Unfortunately, eight billion are tossed out.

While a large number of business cards are eventually thrown away, they are still a vital part of marketing and business success. The key to making the most of this marketing device is to have professional, yet affordable business cards created.

Are you curious as to how you can do this? If so, just keep reading. Here you will find a number of actionable tips that will help you print professional business cards, without going in the red.

Do Your Research

Regardless of if you are just starting your business, or just trying to cut costs, you should consider buying from companies that are known for affordable printing services. For example, when you shop at Vistaprint, you will find a user-friendly site that offers an array of promo codes (all the time) to help you get a reduced rate on the already affordable cards.

The key is to do your research. Take the time to find companies that are offering these great deals and your efforts will pay off.

Select a Card with a Matte Finish

Even though a glossy finished business card may appear a bit fancier, they also come with a higher price tag. You can save quite a bit of money by choosing a matte finish.

What’s even better about the matte finish is that you can actually write on the card. This means that customers can actually take notes after speaking to you, or you can write down pertinent information about your conversation for them. If you choose a glossy finish card, this isn’t possible.

Choose a One-Sided Design

Do you want to reduce costs further? A great option is by choosing a business card with a one-sided design. While it can be tempting to print on both, it usually isn’t a cost-effective option.

In fact, most companies are going to charge you double what you would pay for a single-sided card for a dual printed card. And, if you think about it, how many people are going to look on the back of the card anyway? As mentioned before, the back can also be a great place to take notes – so leaving it open just makes sense.

Put Your Face on the Card

While this may sound a bit odd, just think about it. Count up all the business cards that you currently have. Can you picture every, single person who gave you their card, just by seeing their name or logo? Chances are the answer is “no.”

However, if you put your face on your business card, you are instantly making yourself more memorable. Now, each time the person looks at the card, they are going to see your face. As a result, you are going to be remembered and stand out in a pile of business cards that are all the same.

Always Follow Up

What’s even more important than the actual business card, is the fact that you make a connection. So while your card is the initial instigator of the connection, you also need to make sure you follow up with them.

This is true if you spend a penny per card or a dollar. However, following up can be effective even if you choose the more affordable card.

If you want great business cards but want to avoid paying a small fortune for them, then the tips here should help you find a great deal.

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