7 Weird Business Ideas that Worked

Written by: Julie Marie Bedas

Unusual business ideas that became a sensationChickens for Rent. An emergency hotline for wine. Cleaners to Clean Up after drunken parties. These business ideas may sound crazy, but what’s even crazier is that they actually succeeded in selling their products or services to the people!

Here’s list of 7 of the most bizarre business ideas that actually worked!

For Those Too Chicken to Get Chickens

rentchicken image courtesy: rentthechicken.com

You can rent a room, rent your wheels, rent books and rent tools, but—who in the world would rent chickens? Apparently customers of “Rent the Chicken” do.
The company was built to fulfill people’s need to find a healthier and organic food source. With eggs coming from the chickens that you “rented” you can be sure that your omelettes and sunny side up eggs are free from bird flu.
For $400 or $600, the company will deliver either 2 or 4 egg-laying hens respectively; a chicken coop; food and water dishes; a supply of chicken feed; a guide for taking care of the chickens; and a copy of Lisa Steele’s “Fresh Eggs Daily”. Voila! You’ve turned yourself into a bona fide farmer even if you’re in the city.
But why rent them when you can just buy them? It’s because some people are “too chicken, to get chicken”. And with Rent the Chicken you’ll have the option to get away if it does not work out for you. If by the end of the rental period you have developed an attachment to your rental chickens, you can pay to adopt them!
Rent the Chicken delivers chickens for free in multiple locations in the United States and Canada.

For the Mess You Don’t Want to Clean up

hangover helpers image courtesy: crimescenecleaners.com

There are only two types of cleaners in the world that made it to this bizarre list. One is for drunken times, and the other for grimmer moments.
The Hangover Helpers as the name suggests, help clean up the mess after the party when everyone is too hungover to clean up. They bring Gatorade and breakfast for each person in the house, and then they set on cleaning every corner of the house that the party has devastated.
On the other hand, Crime Scene Cleaners clean up after “death, traumatic injury, or hazardous contamination”.
These two companies take the responsibility of cleaning up after people who are still too wasted over the alcohol last night or too shell-shocked over some tragic accident that previously occurred.

For Wine Emergencies

winebulance image courtesy: winebulancewineclub.co.uk

Remember the wedding at Canaan when they were running out of wine and Jesus performed a miracle? The Winebulance team might not be able to perform the same miracle but they can get you the wine you need to bring your party back to life! You can watch the team on action through this video in Youtube.
For now Winebulance is only available in the UK. Whenever you are in the area, they can get you whatever wines you want in whatever quantity. The fee depends on how much wine you purchase. The more you spend on the wine, the cheaper you have to pay for the delivery.
This company takes wine business seriously because they know how much parties depend on the wine. You know what to do the next time you have wine emergencies, just call Wine-One-One!

For the Cats in the City

citikitty image courtesy: citikitty.com

Men and women are not the only ones who have to be posh in the city. Their pets can be posh too through CitiKitty services!
CitiKitty provides tools to help you train your cat how to use the toilet bowl. Their products include a litter box that can be attached on the toilet.
All you have to is follow the instructions and gradually remove the cover in the middle, until the time comes when your kitty will be able to relieve itself on the toilet bowl without the attached litter box. After this, your cat will be officially fit to live in the city as this is usually the toilet manner employed by posh kitties in the city.

For the Gone, but Never Forgotten

eternalreefs image courtesy: eternalreefs.com

When a loved one dies, you either bury the body or cremate it. When you cremate the body, you either store it in an urn or scatter it someplace significant to the deceased. What most people don’t know is that you have a third option after cremation.
LifeGem can turn your beloved’s ashes into a diamond and have it set in jewelry like a ring or a pendant for a necklace.
EternalReefs will mix your loved one’s ashes with concrete which you can write messages or draw on, and set it by the reefs so that corals will grow on it.

For those who want the Smell of a Boy’s Anus

Japan has a lot weird fetishes which in turn leads to bizzare inventions. Tamatoy’s, a Japanese adult toys company, caters to these strange fetishes through their line of “eccentric fragrances.” Some of their peculiar scents include “High School Girl Armpit”, “Working Woman Leg”, “High School Girl’s ‘Holy Water’ (Pee)” and the most potent of all “Smell Like a Boy’s Anus”.
Caution: Wearing these scents in public may garner unwanted attention and violate other people’s right to breathe. Use sparingly or in the comfort of your own home.

For those wanting to having a hassle-free pet

A rock is just a rock. But in 1975, Gary Dahl got the crazy idea that rocks would be the perfect pet for people. Thus, Pet Rock was born.
Dahl started marketing rocks in cardboard boxes, with hay and holes to help them breathe, like live pets complete with a manual titled, The Care and Training of Your Pet Rock. He sold over a million Pet Rocks for $4 each. Here’s some reason why Pet Rocks rock as quoted from the manual:
“Your PET ROCK will be a devoted friend and companion for many years to come. Rocks enjoy a rather long life span so the two of you will never have to part–at least not on your PET ROCK’’s account.”
Dahl’s copywriter background may have had a hand in selling the Pet Rocks. It was not so much the product, as the advertising. In fact, if you read the manual that comes with the pet, you’ll realize that the manual–filled with puns and jokes and hilarious trainings for your Pet Rock like long distance and close range attacks–was the actual product.

If you want to start your own business, and people might think your idea is too crazy to work, prove them wrong just like what these businesses did!

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