What Are The Types Of Lawyers And Why Do You Need Them?

A lawyer is a legal professional who performs several other duties besides representing clients in court. A lawyer must uphold moral standards like humanity, justice, fairness, obedience, and honesty. Law practice is evolving into the digital age, and a few “alternative providers” and a Brisbane law firm—offer the legal industry digital options.

4 Signs You Need To Hire An Employment Lawyer

Types of Lawyers and their Responsibilities

The annual average income for lawyers in Brisbane is 115,259 AUD. The following list reviews different types of lawyers.

1. Family lawyer

The National Law Firm Pro Bono Survey, conducted every two years, includes surveys of Australian law firms with 50 or more full-time equivalent attorneys.

A family lawyer can assist with many family-related issues. In courtroom disputes over child custody, divorce, or alimony, they participate in a client’s defence. Additionally, they have experience in family law cases involving abuse and neglect and disagreements over custody and adoption. They also perform duties connected to trust administration, will writing, probate, and estate planning.

2. Personal injury lawyer

The 14th Edition of The Best Lawyers in Australia has recognised almost 4,000 lawyers from 94 practice areas working in 534 companies.

A personal injury lawyer’s job is to assist clients who have been hurt because of a car accident or an injury sustained while on a company’s property. They provide an argument in favour of a client who is asking for compensation after suffering an accident.

3. Corporate lawyer

A corporation’s lawyer counsels executives against taking activities that could lead to legal action and represents the business in court when another party is suing it. They are also responsible for using their abilities to draft and revise business contracts to ensure they are not breaking any laws.

Brisbane has 750+ lawyers providing their services to all nearby areas.

4. Employment lawyer

According to a recent survey of 2,827 lawyers, women attorneys, especially those of colour, are more likely than men to be stopped, mistaken for non-lawyers, do more office duties, and have less access to desirable job assignments.

An employment lawyer’s role is to assist businesses with problems with employees or individuals with issues with their employers. They may support you with arrangements about employment, including non-compete agreements, wage and hour matters, severance payments, and other legal issues.

5. Contracts lawyer

They provide legal advice regarding whether to accept and sign a contract. They can help clients determine how to contest an agreement they have already signed. They could help customers draft contracts, ensure that all relevant legal requirements are met, and support the client’s defence if someone sues them because of their contract.

6. Litigation Paralegal

A litigation paralegal is in charge of managing trial attorneys’ pre-trial preparation. Before the trial, they gather information, carry out administrative duties, question witnesses, and do more study. They might also help in fact-finding and research. They frequently show good communication abilities, excellent investigation abilities, and organisational and detail-oriented abilities.

7. Intellectual property paralegal

Supporting a corporate or individual client with issues affecting intellectual property rights and trademarks falls to a paralegal with expertise in intellectual property. They can assist someone who wants to utilise a company’s brand or intellectual property or offer advice to a client who thinks their intellectual property has been used without legal copyrights. They also assist a customer in keeping their books and records up to date, finishing financial records, and producing supporting documents like contracts and lease agreements.


According to the Australian Legal Market Midyear Update, demand for legal services increased 6.4% on average in the first half of FY 2022. A lawyer in a Brisbane law firm has years of experience and can assist you in many circumstances. The best approach to follow the law and keep out of trouble is to hire a lawyer to advise your company on legal issues. They may assist you with tracking the proper procedures, understanding your obligations, and knowing your rights whether you file for divorce or adopt a child.

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