What Dosage of Cbd Should You Take? Advice for New Cbd Inducers

CBD oil is becoming more and more popular and people are using it for all kinds of issues. Some people are using it for joint pain, while others use it for skin conditions like acne or it can just be used for recreational purposes. But how much CBD oil should you take?

CBD oil is often used for medical reasons but it’s not strictly a medical only product is it? So, how much can you actually use? Well, this is where things get a little tricky because there is no strict guideline on how much CBD oil you should take.

We do have some general advice though based on the research available. Remember this isn’t strict official rules but it should give you an idea about what dosage of CBD oil to take. The most common advice when it comes to dosage is 25mg up to twice a day with a reasonable waiting period in between.

However, this might be more difficult than you would first think because it’s not always easy to measure how much CBD oil you are actually taking. Tinctures, sprays, topicals, vapes and other forms of CBD oil like edibles can’t really be measured all that accurately. Best CBD oil capsules can be more easily measured and are available in 25mg so if you want to be sure on how much you are taking stick with capsules. But while 25mg is a good starting point should you always stick to it?

Increasing your CBD oil dosage is actually recommended if you aren’t feeling any effects. However, you should only increase your dosage by 25mg. It is also recommended to try decreasing your dosage as well if symptoms are worsening. It sounds a little complicated, doesn’t it? But it can actually take a little time and experimenting to find out the right dosage for you depending on what you are actually using the CBD oil for. Every individual will feel the effects differently so don’t be afraid to try altering your dosage (within reason) till you find the right dosage for you if you want more insights you can check https://www.senseicbdoil.com articles.

Can my GP offer advice?

You might be thinking simply asking your GP will clear up your dosage issues right? Unfortunately, it might not actually be quite that simple. CBD oil might be very popular but it is still a recent addition to many people’s lives and many doctors don’t really have the knowledge to give you an exact recommendation when it comes to dosage.

They are more likely to simply offer the recommended dosage I highlighted earlier 25mg twice a day. It is still worth consulting your GP if you have any concerns but don’t expect any specific information although then again there is no harm in asking.

As we learn more about Vitagenne CBD oil, we will likely be better able to give more precise recommendations about what dosage you should take. But for now, I recommend sticking with the general rule of 25mg twice a day whenever you can.

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