When Should a Business Start Providing Company Cell Phones?

Planning and organization are critical during all stages of business development. There are processes conducted by your employees that help grow your business and most business owners soon discover that there are also devices, electronics, and other tools that aid those employees in planning and organization.

The goal for most business owners, like yourself, is to grow profits while also maintaining business efficiency. This is why business owners often decide that providing employees with cell phones is necessary. Of course, this is an investment in the business itself and, by extension, the work that you do.

If you’re considering providing company phones it’s essential to determine when the time is right for this type of business investment to avoid problems later on. Here’s how to know when the time is right to start purchasing company cell phones.

Provide Phones to Employees Who Need Them Most

According to Founder’s Guide, it’s important to stay organized particularly when you start to experience business growth. For some owners, this is a time where it’s pertinent to have employees accessible to clients or managing staff. Cell phones, screen protectors, phone cases, and other accessories can be given to individual employees to make doing business far easier and more efficient. Those that perform sales activities or that work offsite are usually the first to receive these devices.

The Benefits of Providing Phones for Your Employees

Along with being able to keep up with business responsibilities, these phones allow them to work remotely if they’re away from the office. This is especially important for companies that require business travel domestically and internationally. The Balance Small Business resource points out that there are benefits to providing employees with company phones. Having each employee use the same hardware and software is convenient and ensures compatibility where features are concerned.

Small Biz Genius found in 2019, that 40% of online transactions were done by using mobile devices. This shines a light on how financial activities, purchases, and even correspondence tasks are now completed by employees. Smartphones are staples included in this category and serve as valuable tools for business activities for both consumers and employees alike. Unlike decades ago, it’s always necessary to be in an office setting to complete work projects or to talk with clients.

Forbes reports that there are currently 2+ billion smartphone owners, some of which are used for personal tasks and others strictly for business. Company owners tend to choose smartphones, so their operations benefit in multiple ways. For some, this may be a matter of purchasing these phones for the first time for staff. Others will want to upgrade from current phone styles, to increase functionality.

Depending on the brand name that you select, there will be upgrades available on a regular basis. Since most of these devices are used in different ways. This is an additional benefit for retailers, merchandisers, and salespeople. They get the chance to communicate with fellow employees and supervisors simultaneously. Texting and video-taping are a part of the features that make these phones useful.

How to Know What Employees Need Company Phones

Company phones, no matter which brand you choose for your employees, expand the work environment. In many cases, these devices allow you to take your office along with you. They are used for sending and receiving emails, as well as making appointments with clients. Their importance has transformed how business is conducted and has reduced timelines in many instances.

For both employees and supervisors, these phones provide 24/7 access to work tasks and materials. IT staff and executives are generally individuals who are needed to be on-call. Companies that provide phones enhance communication and response systems to address important issues.

There will certainly be essential employees that need to have these devices. You will also find that there are those who do not. Employees that work primarily onsite are likely to be able to perform responsibilities without smartphones. Evaluating these requirements will save time and money for these expenses, and will allow you to continue to plan and organize for business objectives.

Comparing Providers and Products

If you do decide to purchase company phones for your employees, you should always take the time to compare providers and phone options. Just like bargain shopping for household products is a budget-friendly process, so is comparison shopping for business cell phones. There are many different cell phone providers out there that offer packages and deals to companies. In some cases, it’s possible to get discounts for the actual phones purchased based on the number of phones you may need to help you keep cost down.

To Provide or Not Provide Company Cell Phones?

At the end of the day, providing company cell phones is another business decision that falls on you, the entrepreneur. If you believe that company cell phones can help your business and your employees grow on and offsite, you should consider providing them.

If you have a small business and feel that your employees aren’t ready or that they have access to the software and technology they need without company phones, then take some time to think on it before spending your hard earned dollars right away.

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