10 Promotional Items That Can Get Your Brand Into the Public Eye

When you want to expand the public’s knowledge of your brand, many advertising strategies can be completely unaffordable. Many traditional advertising resources, like billboards and tv commercials, simply do not provide the amount of ROI that they used to, after all. Thankfully, there’s a budget-friendly way to get your brand name out there, all while gifting your customers: promotional items. If this strategy sounds right for your business, here are ten promotional items that can help you get your brand into the public eye: 

10 Promotional Items That Can Get Your Brand Into the Public Eye

1. Polo Shirts

Customers love free items. Even better if it is clothing, like polos or t-shirts. The business-casual nature of polos makes them perfect for many work and personal events. People love to look at polos to see what logo is on them, as the brand name is often super important. By making your brand look stylish on a polo, you can quickly intrigue hundreds of new eyes that will be dying to know what this hot new brand might be. 

2. Sunglasses 

Sunglasses are a must for many people. After all, who wants to deal with harsh sunlight? Even in the colder months ahead, the need for sunglasses will be nearly constant. You’ve probably noticed how frequently businesses give out branded sunglasses. Because sunglasses are both stylish and useful, they are one of the most appreciated promotional items your company can offer to your customer base. 

3. Tote Bags

People are using tote bags left and right these days. Many stores, especially bookstores, offer cheap tote bags to their customers to help them carry their products. If your ideal customer reads tons of business-savvy books, they will be especially impressed by the free tote bag. Businesses at trade shows will often provide free tote bags, so people will create a walking billboard for their brand, and have a convenient way to carry around any products that they’re able to sell them 

4. Jackets

While jackets require a larger investment, they will thrill any customer that you gift them with. Go for a jacket that’s sporty enough to wear in a professional environment, and your customers will wear the jacket around in all sorts of spaces. The more people see your brand on the jacket, the more commonly known your company (as well as its products and services) will become. 

5. Gloves 

There is a pressing need for a solid pair of gloves during the winter months, especially if you live in a frigid environment. Show customers that you care by gifting them a warm pair of gloves with your company logo emblazoned on them, and they will think of your brand every time that they put them on to warm up. 

6. Hats

Similar to sunglasses, everybody loves a free hat. Go with a hat style and fit that’s currently trendy, and people will run to your booth at trade shows to get free merchandise. Because hats are so close to our eyes, they are great for advertising a brand. Additionally, hats are fairly cheap to brand and produce in bulk! 

7. T-Shirts 

Few promotional items are as classic as branded t-shirts. They provide a simple, extra-affordable, and effective way to create an army of walking billboards that will get your brand into the public eye. Knowing what types of colors to go with is the hardest choice you’ll tackle when designing your company’s promotional t-shirts. 

8. Water Bottles 

Not all promotional items are wearable. Water bottles are hyper-popular today, as people are embracing the importance of hydration. Throw your logo onto a water bottle, and you’ll be giving your customers the gift of a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, your brand will be in front of tons of eyes, as your customers will likely be using the water bottle in all types of social environments. 

9. Bumper Stickers 

Who doesn’t love looking at a car’s bumper stickers when you’re stuck behind them in traffic? If a customer takes you up on an offer of a free bumper sticker, they may end up placing it prominently on the back of your vehicle. Ideally, your brand will be traveling around and impressing people in traffic for years to come. Consider how you can mix these bumper stickers with links to your social media accounts for extra value! 

10. Masks 

Many people still need masks every day. To keep masks more stylish, many people enjoy one that’s flashy or branded. By giving out free branded masks, you’re offering a stylish way for your customer base to stay healthy and protected. The hyper-affordable nature of this promotional item makes it that much more attractive. 

Charm Your Customer Base with Free Gifts

Because you can get nearly every item on this list for cheap, as long as you order them in bulk, they provide a great, cost-effective investment toward expanding the public’s knowledge of your brand. Finding a gift that’s fit for the personalities and needs of your ideal customer is essential, as this will ensure your promotional items are worn and used in a way that will make them an effective organic advertisement. 

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