3 Tips for Less Messy Table Tops: Organize and Declutter with Ease

Hey, it’s happening to all of us – our table tops can look like a major mess these days! From mail, keys, and books to tech gadgets…you name it, it’s probably there. And when everything seems out of control it doesn’t just make finding what we need kind of hard…but also does nothing good for restful nights or productive days. But you know what? It’s essential to clarify your intentions; make sure you know what the end goal is. Lay out your objectives, so you can get a better perspective of the big picture and be sure to stay on track. Determine what it is you need to achieve — don’t just guess! Defining clear purposes can help keep motivation high and inspire you along the way.

How to Revamp Your Office Space on a Budget

1. Define Clear Purposes

Table tops and bench often get cluttered because we don’t know what to do with them…time to take back control! Let’s start by figuring out the main purpose of our table – is it for work, dining, or leisure? When that’s figured out, let’s get creative and allocate sections according to those intentions. Think trays, baskets or even drawer dividers so everything has a place and stays organized. Now ain’t that sweet?!

If you use your table for work, why not assign individual areas? Designate one section for your laptop, notebooks and stationery; in another corner have a pretty tray for your essential desk-supplies like pencils, paperclips and sticky-notes. This way each item has its own space, plus it looks nicer too! 

2. Implement Minimalist Storage Solutions

Let’s get organized! Implementing minimalist storage solutions is the key to having a neat and tidy space. Yup, you heard it – it’s time to clear out the clutter and make way for smarter solutions! Even if you’re living in a small place, there are creative ways to maximize your storage area with some DIY hacks or multi-functional furniture. Get rid of all those unused items that have been taking up too much space for far too long. When everything has its own place, say goodbye to chaotic vibes for good!

Keep your table tops looking spick and span! To make that happen, it’s super important to have the right storage solutions on hand. Opt for decor-friendly minimalist pieces that don’t just look great—they’re practical, too. Throw in some decorative boxes or throw up a floating shelf system for items you use all the time – easy as pie!

3. Establish Daily Habits for Maintenance

Set yourself up for success and make sure you maintain your progress: establish daily habits! A few minutes of small, consistent steps each day will make all the difference in the long run. It’s like they say – “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.  Whoop it up and get organized so that every day you stay on track. Build healthy habits into your routine – little by little. You’ll certainly thank yourself later!

Taming the mess on top of your tables day-to-day takes some dedication. Habits are key for keeping things tidy and preventing an avalanche of clutter later on. Take a couple minutes each day to give those surfaces the attention they need. Make sure everything goes back where it belongs once you’re done!

Before you take off for the day or sit down to eat, take a few seconds to tidy up. Put away any loose papers and give the table top a quick wipe-down. Doing this daily will help you keep clutter at bay and make keeping your table neat as easy as pie!

Bonus Tips to Help You Achieve a Less Messy Table Top

  • Create Zones

Dividing your table into specific zones helps you allocate space for different activities and items. Consider the various tasks you typically perform at your table, such as writing, computing, or crafting. Designate separate areas for each purpose, ensuring that you have ample space for the tools and materials you need. This approach prevents items from encroaching on each other’s territory and helps maintain order.

  • Prioritize Essential Items

Identify the items you frequently use and keep them within arm’s reach. Place frequently used tools or materials in a desktop organizer or a caddy near your dominant hand. This saves you time and effort searching for things, increasing your productivity. Additionally, consider employing desk accessories like a pen holder or a letter tray to keep items orderly and accessible.

  • Implement a Digital System

Reduce physical clutter on your table by transitioning to a digital system. Digital documents, notes, and calendars help eliminate the need for piles of papers and notebooks. Utilize note-taking apps, cloud storage services, and digital calendars to streamline your workflow and keep important information organized. Remember to back up your digital files regularly to ensure their safety.


An organized and clutter-free table top is not only visually pleasing but also conducive to productivity and focus. By implementing these tips, you can reclaim your table as a functional workspace and enjoy a sense of order in your daily activities. Remember, the key lies in regularly decluttering, establishing zones, utilizing storage solutions, and adopting digital systems. With a little effort and persistence, you can transform your table top into an organized haven, promoting efficiency and reducing stress.

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