4 Local Video Marketing Ideas To Boost Your Business

Local businesses realize that they can reach more customers using the Internet, but it doesn’t mean they should limit their efforts to just expansion. For small-to-medium companies, the real benefit is reaching customers who are already within your local geographical area but haven’t yet been converted into clients.
Businesses are increasingly using video to communicate with new and existing customers in their decision-making processes due to the increasing accessibility of broadband Internet. Video marketing can help companies to connect with their audience. Businesses and your competitors are probably joining the video marketing party.

Marketing with video can generate more than 1200% of the share of text and imagery combined! Without video marketing, you’re losing out on tons of engagement (and potential sales). To put this in perspective, here are some video marketing tips that can help you reach audiences and grow your business at the same time:

  • Be A Local Guide

Show off your local area as you know it well. People can learn about hidden treasures around your city. Review hotels or Airbnb accommodations. Give your recommendations on what to do in the area. Mention places to go, concerts or events that are coming up, or nature and parks you’ve seen. You’ll get traffic from both locals and visitors who travel to your area.

Make some videos explaining exciting facts or the history of historical places near you if you want to take another route. Put your voice and style forward! Implement video marketing strategies that are relevant to your business concept and are also targeting your local market.

  • Optimize The Video Page

To achieve decent views, you need your video to be indexed by search engines and ranked accordingly. If you’re not well-versed in this area, you can always reach out to professional marketers like Zipinmedia – Miami Video marketing to take care of your video materials.

Choosing the right video hosting platform is the first step. If you’re just concerned with brand awareness, you may want to use platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. If you do this, you can reach many viewers for your videos. As a result, this may decrease traffic to your website as you lose out on directing traffic from sites like these to your website. To gather traffic, it’s advisable to include a call to action on your video that asks viewers to visit your site.

Here, too, search engine optimization comes into play. This involves making specific tweaks to the content and design of your site to make it more appealing to the engines. Utilizing SEO will ensure high search engine rankings for your content and help users, both new and old, find your information quickly.

  • Incorporate Share Buttons In Your Video Players

All of us are deeply aware of social media’s all-powerful influence. You probably spend most of your waking hours on tech giants online like Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Instagram. True or not, it’s essential to preserve your video so that you can share it easily on these platforms.

Some software applications and video marketing tools use the video player to host most of their marketing videos. The share button feature is significant, as it allows people interested in the video to share that link which directly leads to your website without ever leaving the player.

  • Cover Local Events

Conferences and events are fantastic because it allows brands to showcase themselves and form new business contacts. Don’t think that you need to travel across the country for one. Instead keep an eye out for local conferences visiting your local area.

There are the best tools for finding and marketing events in your area. Just try to exhaust your search on Google. Look at your city’s festival and conference calendars for something on the schedule for you. Those events may not be within your budget, but can still provide you with exciting information and content you can use on your video marketing plans.


Does it seem as though creating a marketing video is a complicated process? Well, it can be. In addition to crafting an effective strategy, crafting a compelling story, and marketing it like mad, you have to be aware of the time and expenses associated with doing all these things. You might think it’s a lot of money.

Still, the investment of time and money for a well-produced video is worth it as it lets you connect with your target audience, increase sales, and grow your overall business. Whether you’re deciding to do it all yourself or hire a professional video marketer, in the end, it’s all plus points for your business.

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Conrad Smith is a tech videography consultant, supervising field videographers and troubleshooting issues in events. He shares his videography expertise through blogging and guest posting. Conrad loves water sports activities and woodwork during his free time.