5 Reasons to Hire a Bookkeeper For Your Startup

Startup owners from Boston to Buffalo have to wear a lot of different hats. From conception to the grand opening of a business, owners need to deal with all aspects of getting their company going. At some point, the staffing decisions will determine whether you will need help with your books.

Most startup owners are so focused on the development and expansion that other areas like keeping the books and financial records may get neglected, which can be a problem. Keeping track of the books, including paying bills, preparing taxes, and payroll, are crucial aspects of maintaining a business growing and thriving.

When looking for a Buffalo or Boston bookkeeping firm, it’s important to remember the benefits of handing your books over to a professional. Let’s take a look at a few benefits of hiring a bookkeeper for your startup.

5 Reasons to Hire a Bookkeeper For Your Startup

Save Money

Many startups are run on a shoestring budget. Making decisions about where to spend money and when to bring in help can be difficult. You may think that you can save money by doing your books yourself, but hiring a professional can actually  save you money. A professional is much less likely to make the kind of mistakes that could cost you if you try to manage the books on your own. A bookkeeper can also ensure that your finances stay on track, correctly file your business taxes, and pay your bills on time saving you money.


Startup owners are experts in their field. That doesn’t mean that they know how to handle keeping their finances in order. Having to settle the books can be a tedious and complicated task for busy startup owners because they don’t have the right experience to manage. 

When you hire a bookkeeper to handle your finances, you can rely on their expertise to keep things in order. 

New Perspective

Owners with expertise about their product or service are often focused on the growth and development of their business and less on the financial elements. When you bring in a bookkeeper for your startup, you get a new interpretation and perspective of where your company stands financially. Your bookkeeper can help to translate your business profits, print out easy to interpret reports, and walk you through potential for growth that you may not have seen. 

Focus on the Business

Even startups with the most modest beginnings will have to keep their books in order if they want to succeed. The time and attention it takes to keep your business records up to date may seem to owners like time better spent elsewhere. When you hire a bookkeeper to manage your startup, you can focus your energy where it needs to be in the business. You can focus your time on development, strategy, and marketing instead of dedicating time to keeping your books straight.

Work-Life Balance

Startup owners are often running in every direction at once, trying to get their business off the ground. This focus on success can have a powerful impact on the work-life balance of owners, and can affect your personal life in a big way. 

As an owner, part of your management strategy should be to delegate tasks that can be expertly performed by others. When you hire a bookkeeper, you may find that you suddenly have more time to do the things that mean the most to you outside of work.

From saving money to gaining time to focus on important business, bringing in a bookkeeper’s expertise for your startup is just good business. 

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