5 Reasons To Switch To An Ergonomic Office Chair

If you work in an office setting, whether remotely or on-site, the chances are that you will likely spend the bulk of your work time sitting on your chair. Throughout the years, office chairs have been moderately altered to be conducive to the workplace.

Many office chairs rest on four legs fitted with wheels to allow mobility around the office. Perhaps you have just printed some documents and now have to collect them from the printer, someone with a typical non-wheeled office chair would have to stand up, but with a modern wheeled chair, they would slide to the printer and back.

Office chairs also have a significant amount of padding to ensure comfort at all times. An ergonomics chair is a modern office chair with features to improve overall productivity, work efficiency, and posture.

If you are looking to purchase an ergonomics chair, Bevco chairs are designed to create the ultimate work experience by focusing on comfort, support, and durability.

If you are not entirely convinced, here are five reasons why you should switch to an ergonomics office chair.

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Posture Support

If you work primarily at a desk for a prolonged time, you are likely to get tired quickly and lose your natural posture. You will most likely lean forward while arching your back, leading to increased back pain and neck pain.

Ergonomics chairs are designed with a full-length backrest that expands from the shoulders to the seat. The backrest is curved to support your natural spinal posture. It is lined with significant amounts of padding or mesh technology that automatically adjusts to the natural posture of your spine.

A good ergonomics chair has an adjustable backrest, seat height, neck rest, and armrest.

Enhanced Productivity

Worker productivity is predominantly dependent on a positive workplace environment and physical comfort. Your employer is responsible for creating an environment conducive to producing quality work daily. The physical comfort of the workers, however, is solely their responsibility.

Many employees have resorted to bringing their cutlery, pillows, family pictures, and sometimes their pets to create a wholesome environment for themselves.

If you value your physical health, you should consider adding an ergonomics chair as one of the personal items you bring along to the office. The chair’s dynamic features are all designed to ensure physical comfort, which results in improved productivity and work efficiency.

Reduced Back And Neck Pains

Back and neck pains are pretty pesky and are the most frequent employee complaints. These pains result from sitting for long periods on a chair without proper back support and neck rests. The constant back and neck pain experienced by employees may cause them to claim their medical bills from the worker compensation fund.

Traditional office chairs lack the adjustability and flexibility required for active sitting. Active sitting involves seating that allows or encourages you to be active even while seated. Another name for active sitting is dynamic sitting.

The backrest and neck rest support features in ergonomics office chairs primarily take pressure off your neck and spine. The features eliminate your tendency to tilt or lean forward as you work.

Reduced Pressure On Hips

When in a seated position, your hips bear most of the weight of your body. Without proper support, the pressure applied to your hips will increase and cause pain in your lower back.

Ergonomics chairs are designed to absorb your body’s weight and distribute it evenly between your back and hips. The adjustable back height and tilt features in the chair allow you to lean back, thus reducing direct pressure applied to your hips.

Increased Blood Circulation

Some studies show that sitting down for extended periods increases the risk of depression, heart disease, poor blood circulation, and back pain. A common sign of poor blood circulation is leg cramping or numbness in your legs and feet.

Therefore, an essential support feature that ergonomics chairs must have is a leg or footrest. If your office chair does not have this feature, try standing up and walking around the office for 2-3 minutes, perhaps make a cup of coffee or take the office support dog for a short walk. These activities will revitalize the blood circulation to your legs and feet.

Ergonomics chairs were first introduced to enhance worker productivity and create a comfortable work environment. However, the chair’s flexible features and functionality also prevent common occurrences of worker compensation claims and complaints.

Hence it is highly recommended for employers to incorporate ergonomic chairs in the office to save them an enormous amount of money and the time spent on administrative processes.

Once you have invested in a suitable office chair, the next step is to choose office lighting that illuminates your work environment without harming your vision health.

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