What It Takes To Create A Great Break Room

Employers are constantly on the hunt for new ways to improve their bottom line. While smart advertising is essential, boosting employee morale in the office can play a vital role in increasing their productivity, which translates to more revenue. In recent years, the office break room proves to be a place of social gathering, relaxation and a place to enjoy a quiet lunch without the need for leaving the building. Whether you are a small business owner or run a fortune 500 company, it can provide an invaluable tool to assist with future growth goals.

The Health Train: Keeping Your Staff In Good Nick

A Break Room and Your Staff

While you see a room well-lit with a few tables and chairs, and perhaps a television or two, your employees see it as a way to escape the office pressures even if only for a few minutes, several times a day.  Natural lighting and perhaps a large window creates a personal space for employees away from their desks.  A few minutes here and there away from their computers and phones gives them a chance to clear their head and enjoy some well-earned downtime. Once the break is over they start anew, focused and once again ready to tackle big issues. It also gives them a chance to get the blood circulating with the walk to and from the break room.

Healthy Snacks

Not too long ago, a break room was really more of an open space with a coffee maker, a small porta fridge and a sink. Today, a typical break room has many extras to satisfy the needs of a vast majority of the employees. Vending machines offered through companies like Aramark’s vending services, now offer healthier eating options such as apples, granola bars, yogurts, orange juice and vitamin water while still satisfying a portion of the population that still enjoys their chips and candy. Keeping employees fueled will keep them energized and avoid the mid-morning mid-afternoon meltdowns. 

Host of Accommodations

Creating a functional break room is easier than you might imagine. If you already have an open space awaiting direction and your thoughts, the rest is easy. A refrigerator for lunch bags, a large counter to hold a single-serve coffee maker and condiments is perfect for a smaller office. For larger, corporate environments, several long counters with commercial coffee makers featuring a few choices, condiments, a large refrigerator, sink, trash bins, and several vending machines for food, snacks, and beverages provide enough stock to keep your employees happy. 

Comfortable Environment and Seating

Break rooms are not something new to the office. In fact, they have been around for many years. In the early goings, break rooms were not ideal and many were in less than desirable locations. They were drab and closed off from the rest of the building. Today, however, they are open, bright and airy. Most break rooms have tile flooring in a light color and offer natural lighting giving the space energy. They are wide open allowing employees to socialize without bumping into one another. They also have comfortable seating generally, with either cafeteria style joined table and chair settings or round tables with removable padded chairs. 

Expanding on the Original Breakroom

Breakrooms come in many shapes and sizes with a variety of accommodations. Many breakrooms today have flat screen TVs hanging from the ceiling, restaurant-style spaced throughout and games such as pinball, dart boards, foosball, and billiards. These extra amenities give co-workers the chance to unwind while also engaging in friendly competition. This helps employees come together as a unit and form lasting bonds making the work environment more enjoyable and productive.

It doesn’t matter whether you have 10 employees or over a 100, a breakroom is an essential part of your business. It gives employees a way to unwind and relax throughout the day, avoiding the office burnout. It also provides a way for co-workers to learn about other employees and develop relationships making the workplace feel a bit more like home. 

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