These 5 Things Are Keeping Buyers From Purchasing From You

It can be exhilarating to get your website or e-commerce site up and running. Building a website is half the journey. Gaining and keeping customers who are willing to purchase from your website is the other half of the consumer journey.

In this article, we would like to go over a few things that stop clients who visit your website from making the purchase. We would also like to offer you several solutions as to how you can overcome these obstacles. In a world where anyone who has the determination to become an entrepreneur, can. But it is important to know that the competition is high.

Learning how to stand apart from the rest of the crowd is essential. So here are five things that stop your traffic from becoming purchasers, along with five things you can do to resolve these issues.

These Five Things Are Keeping Buyers From Purchasing From You: How To Fix It

1. Unattractive visuals

People love attractive visuals. If your site or landing page looks dull or mediocre at best, you will get a lot of views that will immediately bounce off your website or landing page to go in search of something more visually appealing.

This is bad for your website for many reasons. But one of the biggest reasons this is bad for your website is that bounce rate. If you have a high bounce rate, meaning a short time where people are visiting your site, Google will pace your website lower. This means you become harder to find on Google search (assuming you are using SEO in your marketing strategy).

Solution: Create stealth visuals and focus primarily on Instagram for visual content.

2. Bot traffic

Most people are unaware of this, but much of the intent traffic is made up of bots.
Check out this article “The Internet Is Mostly Bots” to get a better understanding of what your “traffic” is. And we use the word “traffic” here very loosely. This is precisely why engaging with customers is very important. You are building rapport and a relationship with an actual human being (i.e., a customer).

Solution: Find a good solo ads agency where you can get real traffic.

3. Boring content

Your content is garbage. Yes, we know that may be a bit too blunt, but the truth of the matter is, if you have tons of content on your site and you still aren’t producing any customers or gaining followers, that is because your content is garbage.

Solution: Hire freelance writers or hire a marketing firm to help you get content that captures the attention of your traffic. Having a new fresh voice on your site may be all you need to start generating income.

4. Unresponsive site

It is very important to check your site to make sure that it is responsive. Responsive not only on your desktop but on tablets and phones. The latter of these three being the most important. Most content is absorbed via the smartphone.

With this in mind, your website may look great on your desktop you are working on, but there may be some distortion on the phone version.

Solution: There are several sites you can visit to check how your content appears on phones and tablets. Visiting sites that review the speed of your site will also inform you of other potential harmful errors on your website.

5. You don’t have video

The coming decade (2020 and forward) is going to be a decade where video marketing will reign supreme. If you are not incorporating video marketing into your marketing strategy, you will miss out on a ton of traffic.

Video marketing is very useful, and it cannot only get you more leads but also keep the leads you have.

Solution: Start incorporating videos into your marketing strategy. There are many free software, but if you want to really make an impact on your marketing, we highly recommend Toonly or Adobe Animation.

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