6 Gaps in Your Marketing Campaign You Need to Address

It’s not working!

These are the three words dreaded by any marketer. If you hear this from your client, it only means that there is something wrong with your marketing campaign and you must fix the gap – pronto.

Running a successful marketing campaign means getting the results that you want, building up your credibility, and improving client confidence in your brand.

If you’re not getting the results you want from your marketing campaign, check out this list of gaps that you need to address and how to fix them.

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  1. Not Listening to the Numbers
  2. One of the most common mistakes that marketers commit is striking blindly in the dark without knowing why they do it – creating marketing plans and executing campaign activities that are not backed up by analytics.

    Turn on the lights by looking at the numbers – know what attracts your visitors, which things work, and which ones don’t. Build your campaigns around that information and you’ll have better chances of hitting the bullseye.

  3. Not Knowing Your Audience
  4. You can’t just write about the stuff you want and know about and expect that your target audience will lap it up. You need to know what they need, what questions they ask, what answers they seek, and put in the effort to address that. Marketing is about reaching out to your audience and capturing their interest – and to do that, you need to know them better.

    There are many tools available online that can help you generate keyword ideas around your niche and get insight that works for others – use them!

  5. Not Enough Effort in Analyzing Phone Call Data
  6. One important thing that marketers often ignore is the customer data gathered through phone calls. The calls you’re getting are a goldmine of information – statistics on caller’s location, landing page callers converted on, source campaign, keywords, shopping cart activity, and more that can help you know what’s working.

    Call tracking software services that can allow you to easily manipulate data to answer client questions, create simple and easily understandable customized reports, and integrate information from both call and non-call leads is an essential tool in shaping your campaign.

  7. Focusing on the Wrong Format
  8. A wall of text might not be the best medium to use to get your message across and get your audience hooked. Sure, it might have worked before, but consider that people respond well to visual and audio stimuli – consider video, infographics, and other creative stuff to freshen up your jig and get you more leads.

  9. Spelling and Grammar Issues
  10. Words have power, and if you’re spelling or using them incorrectly, it will affect how your audience perceives your worth. Consider running your copy through grammar correction software before publishing or hiring professionals to do it for you.

  11. Obvious Sales Shticks
  12. In an environment where the consumer is becoming increasingly aware of when they’re being sold something, an obvious sales pitch might not just cut it. Make sure that your content is engaging, useful, and able to provide value beyond the service or product you’re pitching.

  13. Failure to Engage with Your Audience
  14. Now that you’ve shaped your campaign around the points above, it is time to cultivate the connection by nurturing your content – respond to their questions, hear them out, make them feel seen, and gather ideas from these interactions. Aside from building authority and better optics, this will also foster long-term patronage.

    Knowing where you failed is knowing where to focus on rebuilding. With the proper actions, enough effort, and the right tools, you can make your marketing game better and get you the results you want.

Which of these gaps have you experienced before, and how did you bridge it? Let’s discuss it in the comments!

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