Advantages And Disadvantages Of Buying YouTube Subscribers

YouTube is one of the best platforms anyone can use to showcase/market their talent, brand, products or services. All you need to do is generate or create engaging content for your target audience, then build a following on the same – in the form of subscribers. The more subscribers you can get, the better the chances are for your product/brand to penetrate the market, thus higher returns on investment. It is possible to attract lots of viewers and convert them into subscribers, but only through hard work, producing high quality and engaging content, and consistency. If this process however seems too slow for your liking, buying YouTube Subscribers can help. AppSally is a good example of platforms you can buy Subscribers from.

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Why You Should Consider Buying YouTube Subscribers

1. Gives you a Head-start on YouTube:

Every YouTube channel starts with zero subscribers. It is after you have started creating and uploading content that your following grows into something substantial. Buying subscribers however help kickstart the process, putting your content in front of thousands of audiences, thus more YouTube views and Youtube likes. The higher the subscriber count, the easier it is to generate organic views from the generated content.

2. As Social Proof:

The number of followers or subscribers online is directly proportional to your online reputation. Also known as social proof, getting more followers on your YouTube channel will help command some respect and look more authoritative. This automatically attracts other audiences who want to be part of the team and never miss anything uploaded on your channel. The more subscribers you have, the higher the chances of attracting new leads and more followers, and vice versa.

3. Rank higher on YouTube:

YouTube is among the top 5 most preferred and used search engines today. Statistics released by SimilarWeb and Alexa show YouTube to be on the top 3, with more than 70% of internet users using it as their search engine. ‘How To’ searches dominate the YouTube platform with more and more people using it in search of informative videos on various products and services. Having a good chunk of subscribers searching for, and viewing your content thus helps boost your rankings on YouTube, improving your exposure even further. A higher ranking means your content will show up on the top page of YouTube’s search result when a familiar keyword is entered. This again boosts the chances of your content being recommended/suggested to other YouTube users.

4.It is cost-effective and affordable:

With plenty of companies offering these services, almost anyone can afford buying YouTube subscribers. All you need to do is look for and identify legit companies dealing with the same. You also should be careful with the type of subscribers you buy for relevance and higher conversion rates. The last thing you want is a plain bot in the name of subscribers.

Reasons Not To Buy Subscribers

1. Scammers everywhere:

This industry is already filled with scammers offering fake promises and services. Most of them aren’t in a position to deliver the advertised service, a reason you want to take your time and research the provider before making an order. One way to protect yourself from such scammers is to look out for authentic reviews from past users. You also should be wary of fake and generated testimonials on the vendor’s website.

2. Untargeted subscribers:

Buying YouTube subscribers doesn’t mean they will be from your target location, or interested in your niche. Most of these will be from random locations and with varying expectations and needs. You can however overcome some of these issues by looking for providers offering Geo-targeting options and based on specific niches. A number of providers have this option especially for those looking for specific audiences and subscribers.

3. Fake subscribers or bots:

The risk of getting irrelevant subscribers or bots is generally high in this industry as well. There’s an even higher risk of your account being banned if YouTube detects this. Always look for providers that offer real YouTube users and audiences and not bots. Engaging with different providers, reading through customer reviews and testimonials can help you make a more informed decision and buy.


The advantages of buying YouTube subscribers are quite significant. When done correctly, and with real organic subscribers, this step can see your channel and brand grow exponentially. One of the advantages of using YouTube is that it levels the playground for all players. This provides you with an opportunity to take on the ‘Big Boys’ in the industry, and get a fair share of the cake. All you need is to find a credible, trustworthy, and reputable provider (such as AppSally) to buy the subscribers from.

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