Are Profits Possible By Hiring People With Disabilities?

Many people hold the opinion that people with disabilities are not good enough. They believe that they are limited in their way of doing things and they may not make the best employees. This, however, is far from the truth.

People with disabilities are skilled in equal measure as those without a disability. They display excellent performance and have high success rates.

For any organization debating on whether or not they can achieve a profit by hiring people with disabilities, the answer to this is that it will gather even more profits. Here are 5 things that show that people with disability can bring in more profits to you if you hire them:

Are Profits Possible By Hiring People With Disabilities?

Fewer Workplace Accidents

Many employers have noted that people with disabilities are more conscious about safety and tend to be more careful when it comes to observing safety measures. This consciousness comes from the fact that they appreciate life in a much deeper way and they pay more attention to the safety guidelines set in place within the surroundings of the workplace.

This comes with a high benefit to the employer, the first being that there will be fewer interruptions in the workflow that are caused by workers not being in their workstations and performing their normal duties because of an injury they encountered.

In addition to that, the employer will incur fewer expenses with regard to paying for workplace injuries. Ideally, the employer can expect more profits than losses from a worker with a disability.

High-Level Productivity

Most people with disabilities generally have a deeper motivation within them that drives them to do better and be better. As such, most of them when hired in an organization give their all to accomplish the roles and tasks assigned to them.

People with disabilities are highly focused and very reliable. When provided with a proper working atmosphere, their performance level is always at optimum. They also report to work consistently and rarely will you find them skiving to go to work.

The sense of having a disability within them makes them work even harder to compensate for it and be at par with their colleagues who are ‘whole’. This, in turn, results in the organization driving in more profits from their high-level productivity.

Minimal Employee Turnover

Employee turnover is the rate at which workers exit from an organization. Fresh recruitment is then done to hire new employees to take over their positions. The higher the employee turnover is, the more the employer incurs higher recruitment and training costs.

Workers with disabilities have a high level of loyalty. Rarely will you find them changing jobs frequently. They instead prefer to settle in their job positions provided that the work conditions are friendly to them. They then perfect their skill and become so good at what they do.

The result of employees with disabilities holding on to their positions without resigning is that the employer will not experience disruptions caused by a vacant position. There is also a sense of dependability that is nurtured in that the employer knows that the worker will always be available to handle the tasks without fail.

The business is guaranteed to earn more profits if there are no interruptions in the workflow resulting from employee turnover and the disabled worker is consistent in doing his or her work.

Tapping Into Innovative Minds

People with disabilities face multiple challenges on a day-to-day basis. These challenges prompt them to think outside the box and come up with innovative ideas and solutions that help them effectively cope with and overcome those challenges.

As such, hiring them means that you are bringing in people with extremely creative and innovative minds and a bigger perspective on things. These people come up with strategies that can change the course of an organization’s performance for the better.

The more innovative your workers are as an employer, the more advantage you have over your competition and the more profits you’re likely to gain from your business venture.

Great Talent

It goes without saying that people with disabilities are highly talented. They don’t take their talents down the drain but instead make the best out of them. Hiring a disabled person that is highly talented means that you are bringing an asset to your organization.

The talent in the individual will work for the good of your organization and in turn, translate into profits. Ensure that as an employer, you appreciate and pay talented disabled people well. Never exploit their talents.


It’s a sure fact that any organization will gather high profits hiring people with disabilities. If you are hiring, don’t be biased. Include them in your workforce and pay them well.

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