Human Resource: 5 Ways to Boost Your Hiring Process and Find Better Candidates

The level of experience and quality of your team members is absolutely vital to succeeding in business. An effective hiring process is much more than just reviewing resumes and conducting interviews. Sadly, not too many companies go beyond the absolute essentials, but you’re different, aren’t you? If you take what you’re about to learn and apply it to your hiring process, you’re going to end up with much more suitable and qualified employees overall. Let’s see what can be done!

1. Focus on what you can offer to the employee

Your first instinct may be to write as many details as possible; this is all fine and well, as long as it’s not too demand-centric. Instead, what you should do is to focus on what’s in store for the employee in terms of bonuses, benefits, work climate and so on. Still, that doesn’t mean that the job description should be complete without details – just make sure the ratio is in favor of benefits and not demands.


2. Spread your message across different channels

Why limit yourself to job boards if social media is such a fantastic channel for finding qualified professional to add to your team? LinkedIn, for example, is one of the best ones for this purpose. Social media is also a great way to learn more about a certain candidate and get a better feel for what the candidate truly is like as a person.


3. Test the candidates

While anyone can claim big things on their resume, not everyone can back up their words with the needed skillset. In order to hire high-quality candidates, you need to take however long it takes and test them. Ideally, the test should be something closely related to the job position, so you’ll get an accurate idea of how the candidate is going to perform on the job.


4. Ask relevant questions

The questions you ask the candidate should be thought out and designed to reveal something that’s going to be of actual use to you. In other words, asking about the candidate’s background and previous assignments will tell you much more than asking about their spirit animal, favorite dish, and so forth. Unless you’re looking for very specific responses, the latter type of questions is best avoided.


5. Make use of personality assessments

Structured personality assessments will help you determine which candidates have the desired personality traits your company is looking for and which ones could potentially become a problem down the road. That way, you’ll also be able to find a candidate whose values align with the company’s values. In the end, it’s not only about what a certain candidate can bring to the table, but also how well they can fit into the team.


A good team is all about flexibility, co-working, sharing of ideas, dedication, and similar values. The qualifications are an important factor as well, but ideally, the most suitable candidate should be a mix of both. With the help of these handy tips and strategies, this is exactly the type of candidates you’ll be able to attract moving forward.

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