Customer Appreciation Gift Option: Benefits Of Gift Cards

A new business will want to have more brand awareness during their early days to make their brands known to the public and gather new customers. As the business survives the initial launch, the next step after getting the customers is to make them come through your door and keep using your products.

A loyal customer base is essential for a business to stay sustainable and profitable. That is why when there’s a chance, a business owner will do promotions that can benefit the business. One such way to promote business relations, as well as introducing a new product to an existing customer is via customer appreciation gifts. And among the most popular forms of gifts used for customer appreciation are gift cards.

Using Gift Cards As Appreciation Gifts

A gift card or a gift certificate, gift voucher, or gift token, is a prepaid stored-value money card which is issued by the businesses and marketers in order to make its customers consider coming back. Big brands such as Amazon, Visa, Walmart, American Express and iTunes use gift cards to encourage their customers to buy in their store again. Usually, the range of a gift card can range from $15 to $20.

Gift cards are a better option when it comes to appreciation gifts for three reasons. The first one is that it can be used to an item that the recipient like. The second one is that it can be given via paper or via electronic means. And last but not the least is that it avoids gifting a customer an item that he or she will not use or doesn’t want.

Benefits Of Using Gift Cards As Appreciation Gifts

1. It is an appreciation item AND a promotion item

Gift cards are a great way to let your customers know you appreciate their loyalty in using your products. A well-crafted gift card plan will even serve as a promotional item, especially on items that your customers haven’t tried yet.

2. Can be used universally like cash

Gift cards can be used immediately like cash on any or selected items in the store. In addition, they can also give gift cards to other people. This brings another prospective customer to your store.

3. Discounts can affect the purchasing decision of a customer

Because searching for alternative products online is easier than ever, there are times when a customer finds something, put it in a cart, and leave it for a few days before purchasing. Sending a reminder about the items in their card, as well as a voucher that they can use for that transaction, will make them more likely to make a purchase.

4 Ways To Incorporate Gift Cards To Your Programs

1. The Customer Loyalty Program

A customer loyalty program is to give rewards, coupons, or advance releases for customers who frequently shop at your store. The purpose of this program is to build loyalty to your long-time customers. A well-thought customer loyalty program will enable the business to retain its customers while the loyal customers will benefit from the slashed price. It’s a win-win situation for both the customer and the business.

2. Include a discount in a gift card

A gift card has a lot of uses, especially in marketing purposes. But what if nobody uses these gifts? These gift cards will only be worth it if it can give additional sales to the business. Bundling a discount on a gift card will make a customer more likely to use it and make a new purchase. Including a discount will also feel like a double reward, which can build a close customer relationship.

3. A remedy for complaints or product defects

Dealing with product defects and complaints is a pain in the neck. But no businesses are safe when it comes to unwanted product defects or lower product quality, as anything can happen in the production place. In order to avoid using the customer, make them feel that they are important using gift cards and discounts to remedy the damage.

4. Email Listings

A new way to promote products right now is by sending newsletters to customers. You can add details about your new products and/or services and how they would want to try it. To convince them, a coupon for trying out your product or services is a convincing factor.

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