Best Ways To Make Money Outside Your 9-to-5 Job

For the average man, one of the most common problems that they deal with regularly is how to pay their rent, make enough cash before the due dates of bills, and having to schedule which select friends to meet because there’s not enough cash for everyone. There will come a day when you won’t have to worry about making ends meet. Sadly, today is not that day.

It is not a secret that the global market is currently in disarray. The prices of almost everything are skyrocketing (food, rent, medical bills) and yet, the cost of human labour (wages) is at a standstill or worse, in some cases, they go lower, creating a shortage of money for most people.

According to the US Census Bureau, the annual median household income is $63, 179. On the other hand, the average annual US household expenditure is $ 61, 224. This leaves households with around $1, 900 as savings for the year. Unfortunately, this statistic does not include any unforeseen expenditures such as immediate house repairs, medical emergencies, and even just going on a vacation. At the same time, $2, 000 is not enough to tide a family over should one breadwinner be laid off or get sick

In the past, a minimum wage job was enough for an individual to survive and still achieve a proper work-life balance. Today, you need two jobs, a side hustle, and an occasional gig or two to be able to live just a little bit comfortably. If you are looking for ways on how to make money outside your regular job, then you have come to the right place. These ways will require you to become resourceful, creative and innovative by making the most of your time and skills.

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Drive For Uber/Lyft

It is pretty much apparent that you need a car and a clean driving record for you to do this. Uber and Lyft are ride-sharing apps that connect drivers with passengers who want to go from one place to another for a fee. A big part of Uber/Lyft drivers right now are not full-time drivers but rather employees who have the extra time and need the extra money.

If you live in a populated city, then this is definitely a viable option for you to take as the downtime is quite low. At the same time, say you have a 9-to-5 job, the minute you get out of the office, so do most of the people who need a ride.

Create And Sell Online Course

One globally-recognized way of “hustling” is to create and sell online courses. Online courses have become one of the best informational resources on the Internet. With online classes, an individual can quickly learn the most challenging calculus equations or the most complicated Physics theorem. Yet, toddlers can also be enrolled to learn how to draw.

Creating online courses is quite easy, especially if you have the existing knowledge of your course topic. Additionally, besides a professional platform, it requires only the most basic equipment that you probably already have like a camera and a laptop. Marketed correctly, your online courses could earn you thousands of dollars a month without you exerting any additional effort.

Freelance Writing

Do you know those blog posts on company websites? Who do you think writes those? Having an in-house writer, while recommended, is quite expensive, especially for small businesses and startups. Having a resource such as a blog for your audience will bring in a lot of benefits to the company, which is why they result in outsourcing freelance writers.

The skills you need for this is quite direct to the point. It’s either you can write well or you can’t. If you can, then you will have a great time racking up dozens of clients. You even have the liberty of choosing which client you want to work with. The best part of it is that you can write those articles any time of the day — while in the commute to work, on weekends, day-offs, at night, etc.

Flip Real Estate Contracts

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t exactly need a lot of money before flipping real estate contracts. Usually, the process is that an individual would buy a real estate property for a low price, fix it up with renovations, interior designing and landscaping, and then sell it at a much higher price.

However, there is a more doable option for people like us who don’t exactly have the capital for such an endeavour. What you can do is to secure a contract from a real estate owner and then look for interested buyers for a commission fee. Be warned though for contract management can be quite a tricky concept when done improperly.

Be A Sitter

Life can get pretty hectic for some, and they would pay a considerable amount of money for someone to watch their house/pet/baby for a while while they take a much-needed vacation or so that they can stay in the office for much longer. If you have nothing else to do after your work, then you can earn some easy bucks off of being a sitter.

Sell Ad space

Selling advertisement space is one sure way of earning passive income. While the process may be quite tricky at first, once you’ve established the system, it will get easy. All you need to do is build a website that generates a decent amount of online traffic. This is done through the publishing of relevant content such as helpful blogs, informational resources, and entertaining videos.


Money is tough. However, with proper time management, perseverance and creativity, you will be able to tide yourselves over the lean months.

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