BevSpot Raises $11 Million for Booze Management Tools

In a Series B round led by Bain Capital Ventures, BevSpot was able to raise $11 million for its suite of mobile tools designed to help booze sellers. The company, founded out of Boston by a team from MIT and Harvard in 2014, helps hospitality businesses like hotels and bars, manage their alcohol inventory through different tools.

Aside from the inventory manager, BevSpot also offers sales analytics so its users can analyze performance trends by reconciling POS data and inventory. Another tool is the order center, which can quickly create orders for businesses to their distributors from one place. This would result in better management of total spend, drive lower cost, and keep better records.

Rory Crawford, CEO and cofounder of BevSpot, said that their goal is to provide businesses in the hospitality industry the needed tools to improve their efficiency through the insights and logistics their software provides.

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