Everything You Need To Know About The New Google’s Pixel

Rick Osterloh, chief of the new hardware division of Google reveals the latest revamp on Google’s mobile phone strategy. It can be recalled before that Google had its 6 year old Nexus program, a co-branding effort that outsourced majority of its development to other smartphone makers. Although Nexus serves as an experimental stage by Google in getting into the risky hardware business in terms of financial which the project involves a big amount of investment, and operational commitment, its CEO Sundar Pichai, approved the Pixel project. The executives began to see the big potential and the benefit of launching their own smartphone. According to Dave Burke, who oversees Google android engineering department, “The difference with this device is that we started from the beginning.” Unlike Nexus in which Google joined the creation when it was nearly done or just 10% before completion.

Now, what do we need to know more about Pixel?

Pixel is the first phone of Alphabet Inc.’s Google that were conceptualized, designed, engineered, and tested by Google itself and made by Google.

Google reveals…

1. Pixel handsets feature a Siri-like virtual assistant.
2. Flashy camera features
3. First to boast Android’s new Nougat 7.1 operating system.
4. Complete with Google tie-ins like pro camera effects
5. Instant chat support
6. A service that automatically frees up phone storage via the cloud.
7. Pixel features camera that can snap photos quicker than the blink of an eye.
8. Can twist the phone mid-air to activate the selfie-camera
9. notable is a fingerprint scanner that doubles as a trackpad
10. software-enhanced gyroscopes that reduce shakiness in recorded video
11. a Snapdragon processor
12. Chipsets optimized by Google that makes photo-taking and touchscreen response times much faster than any Android device yet built.
13. Flip the Pixel over and you’ll see “Made by Google”

Everything you need to know about the New Google
Image by Google
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