What Assessment Do You Need to Pass to Get Hired at Walmart?

It’s almost common knowledge that you will have to take a pre-employment test when you’re looking for a job, especially if the company that you want to join is well-known or a large corporation of sorts.

When it comes to Walmart, then it should go without saying that you have to take some kind of Walmart assessment test of sorts before your application is given any actual consideration no matter what position you’re applying for.

So, if you truly want to have a good chance at being hired, you need to be familiar with the Walmart Assessment Test sections and do your best to ace them.

What Assessment Do You Need to Pass to Get Hired at Walmart?

Customer Service Scenarios Assessment

One of the reasons why the Walmart test was put into place in the hiring process is because they want to uphold their reputation of being one of the best retail providers in the U.S. with their brand of customer service.

To do this, you will have to answer a number of situational judgement test questions so that the company can have an idea on what kind of employee you are and if your actions are in line with that of a Walmart employee.

In essence, you will be given a paragraph containing a conflict or problem at the workplace with a customer, and you will either have to select which of the provided choices or courses of action is the best or worst one to take to resolve it.

The Problem Solving at Work Assessment

If you’ve handled the cash register before or took the 477 Postal exam previously, then you may know this as the ‘Work Your Register’ assessment.

Each question will come in the form of a transaction with a customer where you will have to provide them with their change.

To do this, you must input the least amount of coins and/or bills that you can give to them.

For those who are aiming for a job as a cashier in one of Walmart’s many stores, it is important that you get a perfect score in this section of the Walmart test because even a single mistake can be seen as a reason for the hiring manager not to hire you.

After all, if you can’t give the correct amount of change or correct amount of bills and/or coins for it, why should they trust you with handling the cash register and risk losing money?

The Work Experience Questionnaire

Apart from wanting to know if you have the experience needed to handle the duties and responsibilities of the job that you are applying for, Walmart will also want to know how honest you are when it comes to details about your work history.

Due to how much the public trusts the company with its products and services, hiring managers need to ensure the integrity of its potential employees.

Although not exactly an exam, this part of the Walmart Assessment will require you to supply relevant information about your work history such as what’s the longest time that you’ve held a job or what was the nature of your separation from your last one.

While it may be tempting to try and put in white lies or slightly alter details about your previous work, you must know that the hiring manager will know and point out that you are lying during your interview and will demand an explanation as to why there is an inconsistency in this section of the Walmart test.

Apart from this, this section also aims to see how good your work ethics are and if it’s similar or can be aligned with that of Walmart’s with some training.

Walmart Personality Test

Typically the last part of the Walmart assessment to be given, the Walmart Personality Test follows a survey type format where you will be supplied with a number of statements and you will have to select how much you agree or disagree with them.

It is not advisable to answer this part of the assessment blindly or in an absurdly honest way.

Just because it is a personality test, that does not mean that you should bare everything about yourself.

Instead, you are expected to show that you can adjust your behavior so that it is aligned with the core values of Walmart, something that you can look up on their website and study so that you can have an idea on which statements you should prefer in agreeing with.

Before anything else, you must also understand that you should take care not to select too many ‘extreme’ or ‘neutral’ answers because this will cause your results to be invalidated.

How? Well, it is because the exam will know if you are purposefully manipulating your answers and thus the hiring manager will be warned that your results cannot be seen as reliable and thus you should be skipped over for another applicant.

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