The Saving Power of a Divine Vision

Guide for entrepreneurs: The need to make a vision


It’s important for your identity and initiating a first impression. As a standard rule of thumb, companies evaluate their performance through sales or profit. But running after the numbers is not enough for the real feat. Sales isn’t the only factor that will determine your company’s progress. You must also reconsider the kind of contribution related to what you’re doing. Is it worth accomplishing the target? Relatively, it’s hard to motivate people without recognizing the relevance of their work. Hence, as founders you must define the importance of the work that you do.

Setting up a company entails the making of a vision.

In this article, we are going to highlight the innate need to establish and clearly define your company’s vision to increase your progress onwards.

“There’s more than what meets the eye in running a company.”

The visible things taking place normally influence everything around us. (Day-to-day sales, project completion, product launch etc.) But as emotionally driven human beings, we get more affected by the invisible elements governing our individualities. Take for example a restaurant, would you become a regular customer only because it serves delicious meals and has fancy interiors? Or would you rather value a place because of the warm hospitality of the staff? We must admit that we are somewhat more cautious with that. No matter how sumptuous the food is but if the service is poor then we can dismiss the thought of going back to that certain place. Not only in restaurants but we can apply the same analogy to all fields of business. Hospitality, excellent customer service, kindness are the backbone in securing your customers. Your members have to represent those terms as a system.

So how will you get your staff to that level of belief?

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. – Wayne Dyer”

Empower your staff!

The keyword is your mindset. You become what you believe. This is a universal principle of self. If you focus all your energy into a certain goal, the steps you take towards it will determine the outcome. What are you currently doing to lead it? Have you set any realistic goals to achieve that number? If you do not know the significance of your work, the employee’s motivation does not increase. I know a lot of people who succeeded with only ample resources on their hand but with the conviction to move mountains. They did so because going the extra mile is second nature for them. Plus attention to details and a passion to deliver is the core value of the founding company. Your mindset changes everything about your behavior. The trick is to get your staff to think the same way you do. To see things the way a leader would. To get them to love what they’re doing.

No doubt, success means monetary profit basically. But as an entrepreneur, your goal is to contribute something to the society. You produce a great amount of value to your customers. The expression of that value plus the founder’s beatitudes is the perfect formula in defining your company’s vision. We don’t want to deliver halfhearted products do we?

Entrepreneurship is fueled with originality and creativity.Have pride in your own specialty!

The company’s vision is your compass.

creating vision

“The staff who shares the same mindset and vision brings unity and growth for the company as a whole. “

The compass, even without further explanation, is needed so a ship does not get lost in the ocean. It’s a device that indicates which direction to go, likewise in corporate activities, at some point you get confused where the company is heading. The employees might get lost as well while you choose what following course to take next.

Your company’s vision should be applied. Vector is the concept that expresses the power using an arrow. In the illustration, the length of the arrow is the ability of the staff and the direction of the arrow is their skill-management. It clearly indicates that without teamwork, talented staff can be disoriented so easily. Maintaining efficient condition of the company requires that everyone should be aligned to the vision. Without it, the most brilliant of staff can bring down the momentum of progress. A company should be an entity where all members collaborate and accomplish the goal together. This might be a tough thing to do, but if a member is pointing at a different direction then he/she must be discharged. Following an instruction is not the same as following the goal. Founders must never be too preoccupied to check on the welfare and status of his/her members. Skills can be forfeited without a clear vision. Moving forward in agreement to the vision is important than any amount of skill a person can possess.

The Startup stage is your one chance to organize a solid company structure with a pivotal vision.

Second-hand information is not harmful per se. But like what Albert Einstein said: “ A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.” Take note: There’s no corresponding template you can download anywhere and base your company from there. Different rules apply on case-to-case basis. It’s good to heed from other people’s advice but don’t try to customize it. Focus on your own vision. It might cost you bigger if you change your rules from time to time, so why not carefully lay out the strategies while you’re still on the startup stage. Besides, it won’t cost any money to create a main vision. I’m pretty sure this won’t be hard challenge considering that entrepreneurs are visionaries by heart. There’s no reason to hold it back.It’s a vital part of one’s business structure to define your vision as a team. In order for founders and members to stride forward in unity, we have to develop a sense of commitment to our craft. We can do so by putting into practice the essence of what makes us a company in the first place. Creating a corporate vision is not difficult to determine. But more so,

It’s the “application” of these certain dynamics out there in the field that will challenge the best and worst in us.

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